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The Haunted Garden

The Haunted Garden Ryan took the route to school, where among the thickets; situated in front a large mansion was a garden. It was a shortcut home from school and he would cut course through this place to reach home. The garden was beautiful-- little daisies, roses and asters, tiger lilies- grew here in abundance. He would call it the haunted garden by the house. The mansion was left like a solitary card on a deck. There was just one of its owners alive who would rarely speak to anyone. And the garden was looked after by a gardener named Old Mike. Old Mike took pleasure in gardening. He would have his gardening shed dusted and cleaned. And set to work by mid noon or evening. There was a beautiful pond inside and old Mike had told Ryan that you could see a little child’s face shimmering through if you went too close. Who was the child? Ryan tried to know from the old gardener, well said Old Mike,--Sofia, was Mr. Tim’s little daughter, who died many years ago. But ‘teems her spirit would haunt the place. She was twelve when she died. Had a beautiful face like a fairy, blue eyes and blonde hair. She was nicknamed Green Elf ‘coz she always loved gardening. When Ryan looked inside the pond, he saw nobody but a little duck and drake or maybe moss and lichen. He itched to see the reflection of Green Elf Sofia in the blue green waters of the pond. One day late in the night Ryan had taken the forlorn lane to visit the haunted place. And he did decide to see the little girl’s reflection in the shallow pond if by chance; he did get to see it. Eventually that night he saw a strange beautiful reflection in the water. The chilly air made a shudder bolt pass through his spine, and the owl twu whitted twu whoo. Just then a hand was placed on his shoulder. He grew cold and frightfully numb with fear. As he turned around to see, it was Mr. Tim. Not waiting for a moment, Ryan sped fast and ran home bare foot as he had wished to walk in the garden without his galoshes not to disturb the flowers and plants. Thorns and sharp thistles went right through his feet, which he removed very slowly and painfully. He had seen the fairy nymph of the haunted garden and wished very much to see her again, as if he was in love. That night he had a dream, as if he were in the haunted garden and as he opens the hinged door of the gates, he sees a green elf singing and dancing like a silhouette. When he goes to see her nearer they start up a conversation Sophia- Rhyming a poetry--------- Are not the trees growing fonder? By way that lies yonder My face turning younger The moon a little rounder The roses growing stouter Do I yet wait and ponder With my little green thumb Ryan - Do tell me dear Sophia what the reason of your ghost to appear in the pond. It was a long time ago, when father had married Lira my step mother. She hated me and made me sick with worry. I loved to grow things, flowers and plants in this garden and one day I turned indeed very tired of having to bear with her. That is the day I was drowned. So they called me the green elf of the haunted house. My spirit is young, yet and I love making poems too. Hoping that father will realize his mistake. Soon, after a few years, Lira died too. It seemed the elves of the garden closed her eyes to dawn. For she was not fit to have them opened. Father kept a gardener after I died for he wished to see the garden flourish like I did when I was alive. And now I see through the watery moss covered pond my favorite garden yonder. The next day Ryan gathered up his courage and went to see Mr. Tim. He knocked at the door and Mr. Tim opened it. He recognized Ryan and asked him, so you were in my garden last night. Did you see Sophia? Yes said Ryan Wasn’t she your daughter? Yes I know that people yet see her in the pond. Replied Mr. Tim Well! I had her in my dreams last night Do you realize your mistake? You killed her didn’t you? -----Mr. Tim! Have you realized your mistake? Your daughter loves you yet. Mr. Tim- Did you not know that your dreams are only a part of reality. The fairy elves had done away with me long ago. And then he disappeared into a kind of a mist. As for the gardener Old Mike he too crumbled like a dream. The garden was left in ruins, just for 50 years and was still under legal speculation. Soon afterwards, Ryan had bouts of depression every now and then. He died hoping to see the green elf fairy of the garden by the haunted house.

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