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Not Just A Call

Respect for ourselves guides our morals; respect for others guides our manners”
Laurence Sterne

Not Just a ‘Call’

India is an outsourcing hub. Business is send to India as it gives an edge to western countries in cost cutting. They get the same work done at cheaper costs and accuracy. Where it gives cost benefits to western market, we cannot forget it has given jobs to many Indians as well. No business is done without an idea of profit and productivity.

Sameer became Sam, Jasleen became Jessica and maybe Krishna became Chris many times to cater to their western clients over the calls. Day has become night and night has become day to support processes that are mainly around handling calls for clients who are based at different locations in United States, Canada and many more.

But this story is not about outsourcing work to India. It is about Call Centre Executives who are just doing their jobs. Handling calls for processes whether for mortgage or insurance on national or international level is a part of their job.

I supported a friend of mine in setting up his insurance company and I realised that a ‘call’ that we receive for insurance or promotional stuff is someone’s bread and butter. More than that it is someone’s job and it needs to be respected. While setting up his office, I used to make 100 calls a day to talk to all the database clients in context to their car insurance. The calls were made only within India and my clients were definitely based in different states of India.

I used to feel bad as some of the calls were very unmannerly answered. I was questioned in a very loutish way:

Who gave you my number?

Do not call me again, did you get that?

Take my name out of you database.

Out 10 calls, 8 were answered in the same way. Above are just few of the decent responses and to mention I always initiated the call with a question, ‘Is this is the right time to talk?’ to respect my client’s time.

I used to wonder that people can tell the same thing of ‘not being disturbed’ in a civilized manner. The pitch of voice can be controlled to a level where it does hit my ear drums rather than blowing them away.

Time moved on and I took another job with a promise that if I ever get any call around insurance or credit card promotions, I will humbly answer the Call Centre Executive.

Fours year have passed and yesterday, I got a chance to stand and commit to my promise.

Have you ever realised that a call in a day can make you feel so happy.


Summers have approached and the rising mercury is making lives difficult in Hyderabad. It has been 35 degrees for last 3 days and it is a big ‘no’ to travel in my favourite Tuk-tuks. So I am left with the option of cabs.


The interesting part has been that whenever I dial the number, I am connected to the same Call Centre Executive.


Out of 8 days, 5 times the same executive answered my call.  The usual fact to identify him is the way he starts – Good Morning ‘ABC Cabs’. How can I help you?


To mention, he says the whole sentence in one breathe that too singing like a bird.


Today, I was connected to the same Call Centre Executive and before I could tell the timings he was


“You want to travel from Destination A to Destination B at 3 PM. Your number ‘%%%%%%’ as flashed on my screen. The tariff is”


I interrupted him, “No, I want the cab at 4 PM and I want to travel to Destination C. BTW, I know the tariffs.”


He said very politely, “I have to tell the tariffs as a part of my job.”


All I could say, ‘I appreciate your job’


Before he confirms the cab, “Anything else I can do for you?”


I was so infantile to tell, “Yes, a diet coke, a veggie burger and not to forget extra cheese”


He could not stop laughing as he tells me, “You made my day. But I have two things for you as of now. You have a nice voice and Thank You for such a good start of my boring day”.


I was like – ‘Good Day’.


After the call ended, I realised that it is such a boring task to answer calls sitting at a chair and many times customers could be rude. I faced that situation and could relate to it. The Call Centre Executives who call us for insurance, promotional stuffs are just doing their jobs. We can say a ‘no’ politely and respectfully.


Respect their jobs. A call can make someone’s day, a good day!


It is a very small gesture that I noticed as I was a part of it. But this small gesture could make someone’s job interesting to him or her. If we cannot respect someone then do not disrespect as well.


“If you want to be respected by others, the great thing is to respect yourself. Only by that, only by self-respect will you compel others to respect you.” - Fyodor Dostoyevsky 

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