The Old Lady Under the Tree | By: Cecilia Fernandez | | Category: Short Story - Self Realization Bookmark and Share

The Old Lady Under the Tree

There lived an old lady, slim and fragile, under an enormously, beautiful tree. This timid and wise old lady lived far away from civilization because she didn’t fit into society. Her grey hair was bushy and soiled, and her teeth were as brown as sweet coffee. The only company she had was this large, old tree. She spoke ever so softly to it every day and every night about LIFE. The tree was always there to listen. Through her troubles, excitement, worries, and sorrows, she knew it would never judge her. It was only a tree and nothing more and for that she was grateful. Freely she spoke to it as it stood, strong and firm, through the wind, rain, and sunlight. As she grew older, the tree grew taller, and its leaves danced joyfully in her company. She lived happily under the tree with its shelter, and an endless supply of succulent fruit.

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