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Public Form of Affection

        Public Form of Affection 


One day I noticed an older couple sitting in the park holding hands

With sweet smiles on their faces as they talked over their plans,

He reached over to seal her sentence with a sweet passionate kiss,

How precious it was to watch them, I just couldn't resist,

When love enters your heart there is no imperfection,

All that matters is how you feel for one another so go ahead and show the world your public form of affection.


Now at the mall in the parking lot I couldn't believe my eyes,

This guy and girl were kissing but that was not the surprise,

They were leaning against the car and the girl's legs were held high,

Now there wasn't any shame in their game in the summer heat of July,

Sometimes love can be so sultry and when you think of discretion,

In their case openly they shared their love in a public form of affection.


Last night my husband and I went out for the evening

When we noticed the table across from us a man was kneeling,

He smiled at her; she smiled back at him with a small white case in his possession,

Everyone in that restaurant paused and watched awaiting the big question,

How amorously he demonstrated his love for her in a public form of affection.


We never know when love will find it's way into our heart

Embracing it and never letting go is the only way to start,

From deep within you'll know when you've made the right love connection,

Because the world will see it for what it truly is sharing together a public form of affection.

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