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THE MUMMY ADVENTURE Flight attendants please prepare for landing the pilot announced over the loud speaker. Cookie sat up and looked out her winder to get a better view. She was so excited when her friend Vicky the dragonfly asked them if they wanted to go with her. And join her uncle in his dessert camp site to witness as they explore the tomb of golden eyes. That hasn’t been open in over a hundred years I wonder what they’re going to find once it’s open. She thought to herself before the plane landed They got off the plane and grabbed their bags Oh wow! How are we ever going to find your uncle in this crowd? Tommy the tiger cub whined Yah I don’t even think that they even speak the same as we do Sammy the turtle added Well you two stop being such worry warts I’m sure that my Uncle Tom will be here any minute Vicky smiled A few seconds later she heard someone called out her name Vicky! Over here! So how’s my favorite niece of all time? Her Uncle Tom joked after giving her a big hug and kiss I’m your only niece Uncle Tom let me introduce my friends this is Cookie, Daisy, Tommy and Sammy Well its very nice meeting you kids and welcome to the city of the Golden Eye temple! I’m sure you’re all are going to have a great time Thanks and thanks again for letting us come Cookie answered It was my pleasure now why don’t we head off and get started on our wonderful adventure! And Vicky I hope that you and your friends brought lots of bug spray. If this heat doesn’t get you they sure will! Vicky’s uncle answered Soon afterwards they drove off leaving the city limits and headed out towards the dessert. Before long Vicky’s uncle camp site came into view Welcome to your new home! He announced now why don’t you kids go and put your things away then I’ll give you a quick tour and introduce you to the rest of the crew So who does this tomb belong to and what do you think is in there? Tommy asked Vicky’s uncle during breakfast the next morning If I’m not mistaken it belong to a very wealthy prince and it should be filled with lots of fine riches and other goodies Tom answered Oh cool! Do you think that he’s body might still be in there too? Tommy added I’m keeping my fingers crossed but there’s no way of knowing what’s inside of it until we open it A few minutes later they were by the tomb’s entrance Now kids remember to stick close together and please whatever you do. Don’t wonder off without telling anyone I don’t want none of you kids getting lost Vicky’s uncle told them. And before he started to go inside an urgent cry made them all turn around Wait! A young monkey with a camera hanging from her neck was running towards them Excuse me but are you Tom Dragonfly? Yes how can I help you? Vicky’s uncle asked I’m sorry if I startled you my name is Elsie. And I wanted to catch up with you and your crew before you went inside the tomb. And ask you permission to be the first to write the story when you and your partner make the grand discovery. That rocks the world she explained Well we haven’t discovered anything yet Tom laughed and I’m sure when we do I highly doubt it’ll rock the world but it’ll still be pretty cool! So I guess asking to go with you would be out of the question? I promise not to write or touch anything without your permission Elsie asked And you promise not to take any pictures either Vicky’s uncle added Of course not so does that mean that I’m welcome to come? Elsie shrugged Sure why not? The more the merrier! He laughed now if we’re all set let’s go exploring! Oh this is so cool! Cookie cried as she examined the strange marking on the tunnel walls Hey Tommy this picture looks like that monkey paw that you brought at the airport gift shop Sammy told him Oh yah cool! Tommy answered as he took the chain around his neck and put it against the wall May I see it? Elsie asked Yah sure I guess Tommy shrugged handing it to her so could have a better view I studied ancient history when I was in college that monkey paw has been to known. To have some real magical powers in raising the dead back to life Elsie explained Oh cool! Really? And I just thought it was some cheap good luck charm Tommy cried out I think we should be moving on we still have lots to explore before we reach the entrance Vicky’s uncle interrupted The lights from their helmets darted over the narrow tunnel that was in front of them This is really awesome! Daisy exclaimed do you think it’s filled with jewels? Who cares about that I just hope that his body is still in there Tommy added There could be millions dollars’ worth of jewels inside and all you can think about. Is some smelly moldy body Daisy frowned Yep Tommy grinned, Daisy was about to answer him back when a voice from behind interrupted Stop wait! Fred? Where did you come from? And please don’t start we’ve been through all this before we spent over two months for this moment. Please don’t wimp out now over some silly curse Fred bit his bottom lip before he answered You know that I don’t believe in curses but ever since we’ve started this dig. We’ve nothing but strange accidents and delays so it’s hard to ignore the warnings. That if any one who should disturb this tomb you’d awake the spirit of the prince. And he’ll have his revenge And you honestly believe that dumb story? Vicky’s uncle frowned No but whatever happens it’ll be on your head Fred muttered before he walked away A few minutes later the seal was broken Okay I’ll go in first but if I’m not back in five minutes run for your lives! Vicky’s uncle laughed Soon afterwards they were all inside the prince’s tomb Oh wow! This is so awesome! Vicky yelled just looked at all that gold and it’s unbelievable that it’s still in perfect condition. Even though it hasn’t been touched for a hundred years she added Oh check that out! Cookie said pointing to a big stone mummy case hiding in the shadows against the far wall Do you think it’s empty? We’ll soon find out Tom answered smiling Vicky’s uncle and two of his assistance struggled to move the lid inside was a coffin in the shape of a mummy. They slowly pushed open the coffin lid. Cookie leaned over to get a better look at it Oh wow! Stop! Don’t touch it! Just get away from it! Fred cried out Fred! You really need to stop sneaking up on us like that you nearly give me a heart attack! Vicky’s uncle frowned what seems to be the problem now? I’m sorry I thought about what you said Tom and you’re right. We’re scientist it’s our duty to share our findings and stop worrying about some silly old curse. I shouldn’t have tried to stop you Fred answered I’m glad that you finally see it my way! Tom laughed. Then after giving each other high fives they were about to leave the tomb. When Elsie suddenly blocked the entrance I’m sorry but nobody’s going any where Elsie what’s the meaning of this? And for crying out loud put that gun away before you hurt someone Vicky’s uncle scowled. Elsie just ignored him and pointed in Tommy’s direction Now Tommy be a good boy and throw over your monkey paw Tommy was just so confused that he froze that he just kept staring at her with a blank look on his face Its okay Tommy just give her what she wants Vicky’s uncle told him. Tommy slowly removed his chain around his neck and tossed it to her. Elsie who after catching it began chanting some weird saying that none of them could understand What’s she doing? Vicky whispered over to Cookie I don’t know and I’ve strange feeling that I don’t want to know. Vicky was about to answer her when Daisy cried out Did the mummy hand just move! That’s it my brother raise! Rise from the dead! And come towards me! I’ve waited so long for this day when we’d be reunited she yelled. Cookie and the gang watched as the mummy slowly rose up and climbed out of the coffin. And glared angrily towards them We’ve to get out of here before that thing reaches us! She whispered over to Daisy Yah but how she’s blocking the doorway there’s no other way out Daisy answered That’s it now I order you to get rid of these silly useless introducers! Elsie laughed. The mummy reached his arm out and grabbed her by the throat and growled Let me rest in peace! No! Let me go you idiot! Let me rest in peace! The mummy reached up and grabbed the monkey paw and threw it to the floor and shattered it to pieces No you fool! Look what you did! Her screams began to fade as they both started to disappear Oh wow! Where did they disappear to! Sammy yelled I don’t know but I guess when it smashed the paw he also broke the spell Vicky’s uncle answered are you kids okay? Yes Okay why don’t we get out of here I believe we all had enough excitement for one day he added laughing They slowly head out of the tomb when Vicky’s uncle noticed that Fred wasn’t behind them Fred are you coming? I don’t feel comfortable leaving you alone in here Yah I’ll be out in minute don’t worry about me I ‘m right behind you Fred smiled. He then walked over to where the mummy had crashed the monkey’s paw. And collected the broken pieces from the floor. And before he left he silently said to himself Don’t worry Elsie I’ll find a way to make you raise again Copyrights © belong to cookie 2006

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