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Leaping Forward

We were eking out existence, existing to survive.
Ever wary of the dangers, wanting just to stay alive.
Then one day we harnessed fire, life has never been the same.
The sparks of our desires were ignited by that flame.
And can your mind imagine, the early thinker so profound?
Who saw a rolling rock or log and knew that it was round.
Was his vision automatic, or did he ponder a great deal?
Before applying new mechanics that led him to the wheel.

With the wheel to start us rolling and the flame to light our way,
We embarked upon a journey that continues to this day.
From the Sextant to the Compass, the North Star to GPS.
From “Watson, come here, I want you” to a hands free wireless.
From Galileo’s modest telescope to Hubble’s imagery
From our inner solar system, to deep space Stellar nurseries.
From Marconi’s first transmission, to Apple’s early byte,
To endless information riding on a beam of light.
From a handcart to a wagon, from a stagecoach to a car.
From the Iters to the Autobahn, from Route 66 to Mars.
From grass to wood to plastic, from stone to bronze to steel.
To awesome and fantastic, from a fire and a wheel……..
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