Touch of Peace | By: Debbie Lacy | | Category: Poem - Peace Bookmark and Share

Touch of Peace

There is nothing more loving than a warm snuggly hug,

A candlelight bath with a soothing back rub,

A long walk on the beach at night as the waves rush against my feet,

While stumbling upon beautiful seashells that are so colorful and neat,

Enjoying a horseback ride along the trail on a warm sunny day,

While observing the wildlife as they graze and play,

To sit and watch exotic fish in an aquarium is so serene,

I think it’s one of the most tranquil sights I’ve ever seen,

Chillin while listening to some smooth mellow jazz,

While sipping on some Chardonnay in an iced wine glass,

To read an entertaining good book while lying under a cool Oak tree,

As I gaze up into the sky in solitude with nothing but God and me.

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