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Chapter 1- Waking up

Chapter 1 I open my eyes and all I see is a ceiling, god I have a huge headache! What’s wrong with me were am I. “Gloria? Gloria honey?” mom? Is that you? “Doctor?! , doctor hurry!” did she just say doctor? What happened to me? Am I in a hospital? Ugh! My eyes are so heavy I - I -. I hear my moms voice again, “hey baby, are you feeling better?” her voice sounds so nice. Feels like I haven’t heard her talk in years. “Mom were am I? what’s going on?” my mom looks at me with guilt and grief, “why am I in the hospital?”. “Don’t ask any questions honey. Just rest”. I look at her with frustration, “no mom I want to know what’s going on. What’s happening?”. just then the doctor walks in. “How are you feeling Gloria? I’m doctor Roberts”. doctor Roberts looked like in between the age of mid-20’s. kind of young to be a doctor you can say, he had blonde hair, his white completion and white smile told me he was a good person. He was handsome, the type of handsome that only girls like me would see. “It’s nice to have you back”. have me back? What did he mean by that. “what do you mean by that doctor?” doctor Roberts, who puts her head down and kisses my hand. “it appears to me your mother hasn’t told you. I’ll leave so you guys can have a moment.” said doctor Roberts. At this point I started getting a little nervous and scared at the same time. I looked over at my mom “what did doctor Roberts mean about its good to have me back mom? What’s going on?” I said, at this point I wanted my answer NOW! “ sweetie, you don’t remember anything?” my mom asked. “anything about what?” I asked. “well that answered my question. Ok baby girl I’ll tell you but bear with me, this isn’t for me to say.” she said, I could notice the fear in her voice, I could see the worries in her eyes and the tears starting to water up. “mom please just tell me…” & she began , “Gloria you’ve been in a coma for 3 weeks.” she said and I didn’t believe her words, is it possible that I was really in a coma?! But then again that would explain the reason why I was in this hospital bed with a breathing tube up my nose and all these machines beeping around me. “but what happened to me mom?” I said, even though I sounded eager to hear the answer I was more scared that anything, I had all these crazy emotions running through me. I did want to know but at the same time I didn’t want to know. I could feel my body heat running through me and my nervousness increasing even more as I wait for her answer, and then she speaks…. “ exactly 2 and a half weeks ago you and Kyle went to a friends party. I guess Kyle had a few to many shots and while driving back home, you guys got into a heated argument inside the car. Kyle made a wrong turn and a SUV crashed into the car on the side were you was sitting. The entire car got damaged badly. And you was un-conscious.” And as her words continued, it all came back to me. (flashback): Kyle and I had gone to his best friends house to celebrate the football teams winning championship. It was a huge party lots of booze and loud music everywhere. I remember I told Kyle to not over do it on the drinking that night since my best friend crystal couldn’t go and he was my only ride home after the party. But as always he didn’t notice and in fact he did to much to drink. I was scared going home with him because I could tell by his walking that he was a little woozy. I started lecturing him inside the car about never listening to me. He was paying more attention of finishing his Heineken that the road and on the last sip he turned on a dark street and the last I remember was bright lights and hearing myself “KYLE WATCH OUT!” and I loud crashing sound. Right then and there I started thinking “oh my god! What happened to Kyle?” was he ok?” and so I asked my mom. “ Kyle is ok. Miraculously he only had a bump on his head. But…”she pause. “but what mom? Tell me!” I said anxiously. “ when Kyle was released from the hospital the police arrested him. Kyle was driving under the influence and caused a terrible accident that injured you and the other drivers son.” I started crying and I starting feeling guilty , maybe if I had never started arguing with him none of this would’ve happened and he wouldn’t be in jail. “mom, so how many years is going to be in prison?” I asked. “no baby, he’s not in prison yet. There hasn’t been a court case yet. The judge is waiting until you and the other kid are fully recovered or at least stable enough to get a statement in.” she said. I was sort of relieved to hear that. “so that means that his still free?” I asked. “yes he is baby girl” my mom said. “ so has he come to visit me?” I asked skeptically. My mom chuckled a little and said “yes he has. You see those beautiful daises beside your bed? He brought those in for you yesterday. And crystal brought this cute little teddy bear.” I looked at the clock to see what time it was. 10:00pm. I was nice to know that even though I was in a coma for so long, Kyle still cared enough to see me. “ now get some rest sweetie. I think you’ve had enough for one day”. she kissed me in the forehead and I closed my eyes. In hopes of seeing Kyle tomorrow.

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