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Big Chef

There is only one thing
To think, think deeply, deeply, deeply,
That is all the how questions,
Then cross the heart, ďI can.Ē

Little crumbles
Didnít know where they are heading.
Then the chef, our Lord,
Mix, and mold, little crumbles,
Into a beautiful pie.

Oh my little sprinkle,
Never, never be afraid of
Getting too wet- Dive right into the shower.
Letís steams, and heat
Heat up the courage.

Get wet, get involve,
Evolve around your ideas and dreams.
Make and mold them
Into your own little crystals.

Nothing to lose
By getting wrong,
Nothing is there
To be afraid of
For all can be done,
And no one is perfect.

©June 2, 2004
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