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I can’t believe that I got stuck with Sissy Catfish as my science partner Sammy the turtle sighed. As he and Tommy the tiger cub walked towards their locker together

I feel for you buddy. She’s so full of herself if her head got any bigger it just might pop! Tommy laughed

Oh that was so, so funny Thomas I’m impressed that you came up with that all by yourself an annoyed voice from behind them smirked. They turned around and noticed that Sissy and her friend Tammy Worm were standing right behind them

Oh umm hi Sissy. So it’s looks like we’re going to be working together huh? Sammy muttered. By the look on her face it was obvious that she had heard everything that Tommy had said about her

I can hardly wait Sissy huffed come on Tammy we don’t want to be late for our next class

Come on Tammy we don’t want to be late… Tommy mimic as they watched them walk off down the hall. He then patted Sammy on the back and added

Good luck working with her buddy you’re going to need it

Hey did you guys hear what happened to Gray Ducky? Daisy the penguin asked them during their lunch break period

Now what? Cookie answered

He has been missing since last night. I overheard the principal talking to his home room teacher according to his mother he never returned home from his study group

Oh wow! Do they’ve any idea what happened to him? Cookie asked

No not yet

I wish I could disappear for a couple of days Sammy sighed

Sammy what a terrible thing to say! Vicky the dragonfly cried

Oh give him a break ladies. He’s all bummed out about having to partner up with Sissy Catfish, Tommy answered for him

Yah sorry Vicky I didn’t mean it well I better get going I promised Sissy that I’d meet her in the library. I’ll see you guys later

Later that day Sammy was playing with space coast video game

Samuel if it won’t be too much trouble would you mind getting these books for me? Sissy asked frowning before she handed him a piece of paper with the books name on it

Yah in a minute I’m almost—

Sissy reached over and snatched the game away from him

Hey! Give me my game back! He yelled

As soon as you get the books I asked you to get Sissy answered

If you need them so bad why don’t you get them yourself? Sammy asked smirking

Because Samuel I’m doing all the online research so unless you—

Okay, okay fine Sammy interrupted and stop calling me Samuel its Sammy he added before grabbing the list and walking off

He returned a few minutes late with his arms full of books

Here can I’ve my game back now?

You know Samu—Sammy this paper is due in less than a week. If you don’t want to be my partner just let me know now so I can ask Miss Lilly to switch us Sissy told him

Nah! I don’t mind but you really have to learn how to lighten up Sammy answered her. While picking up his books

It’s getting late let’s meet up tomorrow around the same time and hopefully we can get more done okay

The next day Sissy was searching through her locker for her note book

Oh great! That blockhead Sammy never returned it yesterday

She found the girls talking by the gym door

Hey have any of you seen Sammy? She asked

Yah he and Tommy were heading towards the foot field Daisy answered her

A few minutes later

Hey Sammy! You never returned my notebook

Oh umm are you sure you don’t have it? Because I don’t remember taking it home with me last night he shrugged

No please don’t tell me that you lost it? Sissy sobbed

Relax Sissy you look like you’re about to have a heart attack or something. We’ll just go back to the library and look for it I’m sure it’s there Sammy told her

Oh great! It’s closed! What are we going to do now? If we don’t find it we’re going to fail. And I never failed anything in my life! Sissy cried

Sissy will you please stop over reacting! Hey check it out that window is open we’ll just climb through it and find the stupid thing. Then we’ll climb back out problem solved Sammy explained

Oh wow! It’s creepy in here Sissy said as she looked around I wish we had a flashlight or something. Oh wait I think I’ve one inside my bag

Why doesn’t that surprise me Sammy smirked

Well at least we can see a little better umm Sammy don’t you notice anything strange? Sissy asked

Now what?

All the computer are missing Sissy answered

Hey you’re right and look over there where did that picture come from? I don’t remember seeing it before have you? Sammy asked pointing to it

No Sissy shined her light on the plate underneath the picture

It says that she was the school librarian about twenty years ago boy she sure was creepy looking

Hey look! I never seen this door before I wonder where it goes to? Sammy asked

Umm maybe we shouldn’t let’s just find my notebook and leave Sissy muttered

Aww don’t tell me that we’re scared to go in the scary room? Sammy laughed


Yah right! He added as he began opening the old wooden door. Inside there was an old dusty table and sitting round the table where terrified and confused kids.

All covered with spider webs they all started to scream at the same time but no sound came out of their mouths

Sammy quick! Close the door! Sissy screamed

They took off running all the way back to where they came from but the window was closed

Oh great! The stupid window won’t open now. Sissy was about to answer him when a loud angry voice cried out

There’s no talking inside the library!

She then opened an old wooden box and a bright light glowed out of it

I’m going to teach you noisy kids a lesson you’ll never soon forget! You’re going to join the others inside my special room! The old lady laughed

Sissy and Sammy ran to look for a place to hide as the old lady wandered through each aisle. Sammy poked his head out to see where she had gone to

I think the coast is clear he whispered over to Sissy

Okay when I say go get ready to run back towards the window. Now ready go! He yelled then took off running. He was about to say something to Sissy when he spotted her notebook and his video game laying on one of the tables. He quickly turned on the game and raised the volume up as far as it would go

Turn off that game! There’ll be quite inside the library!

Sammy turned around and noticed the old lady was hurrying towards them

Sammy quick throw me the game! Sissy yelled. He prayed that she wouldn’t drop his game on the floor once he threw it

Hey ugly! Is this what you’re looking for? Come and get it! She yelled waving the game in the air

Stop making all that noise! The old lady cried out as she swung her box around. They kept throwing the game back and forth to each other until the old lady became so confused and dizzy that she dropped her box on the floor

No! My beautiful box! She sobbed as she and the box simply vanished into thin air

A few minutes later the library was full with police officers and the school principal

How did you kids get in here? One of the officers asked them

Through an open window Sammy answered him

Both of you are in some serious trouble. Why on earth would you kids want to break in here? The principal demanded

We’re really sorry but we need to find---. Oh crap! We totally forgot we know what happened to Gray and the rest of the missing kids Sammy suddenly cried out. He then ran followed by the others to the old wooden door and opened it

Good god! What in the world happened to you kids? How did you get in here? The principal asked in disbelief. One by one the confused explained how the old lady and her magic box had trapped them into the room and refused to let them go

An hour later when everyone left Sammy and Sissy walked over to the lunch room

You know I really thought that they weren’t going to believe us but I guess since we all had the same story. It was a little hard not even though I’m still having a hard time believing it Sissy explained

Yah me too. I can’t wait to tell the rest of the gang they’re never going to believe it! What really creeps me out can you imagine being locked up in that creepy room all that time Sammy answered

No I don’t want to even think about it Sissy shivered so Sammy I was thinking that maybe we aren’t such a bad team after all. Sammy pulled out her notebook from his back pocket

It’s a miracle we finally agree on something! He laughed now let’s get busy we still have a paper to finish

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