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Oh You Know My Friend Best

Ringing on your phone,
I'm calling, 'Pick it up, Pick it up.
Tomorrow church has a youth gathering.'
Yet no one answers
My try in holding you,
Wishing you would be back,
Here with me, laying in God's cradle.

Ringing on your phone,
My heart seems to curl up
While I could hardly breathe.
My invisible tears rush through my brain.
All of a sudden, I feel I'm so tiny,
So helpless that I need Lord
To carry my head on His shoulder,
Along with my friend's too.

Two little kids ride on our Father,
That is the vision I have always prayed.
Oh Lord please
Hold on to my friend who is lost,
Hold on to me too, because I'm another kid
Whose feet are hurt by horns of earthly ground.

Only You can lead men to life,
I alone can't do the work.
Because I'm just a child in the field,
Waiting Papa to pick him home.
Forgive him, my Papa,
For who has denied You.
My friend doesn't know the Gospel well.

May you have mercy,
And show Yourself You are love.
May you have mercy,
Getting this stubborn head
Down to the well of life.

Pray in Your Precious Name. Amen.

(c)Nov 20, 2003
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