Aroma | By: Dorsey Baker | | Category: Short Story - Dramatizing Bookmark and Share


The aroma of pot is strong enough to lift itself and carry itself anywhere it wishes to go!

A group of teenager boys and girls were parked in an off the road location smoking pot.


Suddenly, drama arises!


A gang of irate dogs appear.  Their eyes sharp as their teeth!

Their coat short, shiny and black.


They have come to locate the foul aroma that has been assaulting their nostrils, testing their

passiveness!  Attacking their senses!


They have come in force!


They have found the location of the foul aroma!  Now they will wait.


They form a circle around the parked car where the teenage boys and girls are smoking

their pot.


Soon the teenage boys and girls finish smoking their pot. And now that no trace of the aroma remains.

the irate dogs dissappear from sight!

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