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Khorshid 1

it was almost spring. everyone in the prosperous city of persepolis were awaiting the new year, the first day of spring. streets were filled with people dancing and cheering, laughing and getting ready for a wonderful ceremony.
as happy as the people were, was the princess of persia, Khorshid. she was born in spring and carried the spirit of spring with her. before the ceremony she went hunting with her 2 brothers, princes Afshin and Arya. princess Khorshid
loved hunting, swordfighting, politics,...
Khorshid: Ah, nothing is better than peace in spring
Afshin: are you suggesting that we turn back without hunting anything?
Arya: no she's implicating that she cant do it
Khorshid: oh prince arya you know that i am a better hunter than you are
Khorshid never called her brothers by their first name alone. they were the children of the king's first wife who had died. the hunting went well, and for the night they returned home safely
but upon entering the palace instead of music they heard strange voices
Afshin: father whats happening here? TO BE CONTINIUED
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