I FOUND HIM IN MUSIC | By: SONYA SHETTY | | Category: Short Story - Love Bookmark and Share



A man i fell in love with some time back.A singer he was.With a beautiful
voice.A voice so pure it can touch someones heart.For a while i was hearing him
but then something happenned i had to set him free.You always set ur
true love free.If he really loves u he'll come bk 2 u.So i set him free.
Well i have no idea where he is now.I feel in my heart hes somewhere around,
somewhere near protecting me.Looking at my every move.
All alone without him i felt.My day turned to night.I was lost.
My heart was broken and in pain.Then i heard music again.Everytime i hear
music everytime i hear a musical note i know hes with me.He will
always be with me till i have music in my heart.He will be with me
everytime i hear a song.He is music.It was music that brought us together
Music is in his and my soul.No matter where i am no matter where he is
till we have music we are with each other.
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