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It was a sunny afternoon and Cookie and her friends were spending the day at the magic fair

Oh gross! Check that sign out! Vicky the dragonfly cried out as they made their way down the fair grounds. Towards the magic shop

We serve the best rabbit tail. Why? Because they’re made out of real rabbits butt!

That can’t be for real Cookie frowned after reading the sign

The magic gift shop stood next to the fire breathing roller coaster ride

Hey that looks like an awesome ride! We should check it out after. We come out of the magic shop Tommy the tiger cub told them. The shop looked small from the outside but inside it looked like a big warehouse. With shelves filled with magic books and other magic stuff

Daisy the penguin opened a deck of playing cards and looked through it. Every card in the deck was the ace of spades

That’s dumb who would bring something like this she was about to place the deck back. Inside the box when she heard Tommy screaming

Help! I just chopped off my finger!

She dropped the deck of cards on the floor and ran over to him

Oh my god! Let me see! Let me see!

Tommy slowly raised his hand up and showed that he was holding her cell phone

Huh? You jerk! You nearly scared me half to death! And give me back my phone! How did you do that any way? She yelled out angrily

Tommy’s grin just grew wider as he answered

A true magician never gives away his secrets!

Daisy was so upset that the only thing she could think of was to give him a big shove. Causing him to go flying into a big toad

Oh I’m sorry

Well hello kids my name is Mr. Bones. The owner of the shop can I help you with anything?

How much for this magic coin? Vicky asked

Oh excellent choice! That my dear is a same two headed coin. You’ll surly never lose any coin toss with this coin that’s for sure! Mr. Bone laughed

Two days later Vicky was showing off her new coin to her friend Honey Kitten

Okay if it lands on heads I’ll give you my nutty cake and if it lands on tails. You’ll give me your chocolate cake Vicky was telling her

Okay deal

Okay here it goes! Vicky laughed as she tossed the coin high in the air

Heads I win!

Toss it again and this time winner takes all Honey answered

Okay winner takes all! Vicky laughed then tossed the coin higher in the air

Hey were did it go?

I think it rolled over there by those bushes Honey answered her. They bumped their heads as they both dove for the coin. At the same time


Suddenly everything changed the whole playground seemed to just disappeared into thin air

Hey where did the playground go to? Honey cried out

I don’t know but is it just me but do you feel like the world is spinning out of control? Vicky answered

No and not only did the playground disappear but the whole neighborhood. I don’t like this it’s just too weird Honey mumbled

Me neither but standing here isn’t going to help us any. Come on let’s go and see if we can find anybody who can tell us what’s going on Vicky told her

They kept walking until they came upon a wide golden path that lead up to a castle door

Okay well I’ll wait here while you go and knock Honey told Vicky

Me? Why don’t you. Hey did you just hear that? Vicky frowned

Yah it sounded like a horse uttering Honey answered. They ran over to where they had heard the noise. It was a small hut inside was a small boar with a stoned face standing over a fire fixing a horse shoe

Umm excuse me sir we seemed to be lost can you please tell us where we are? Vicky asked. The boar turned around and frowned

Silly fools why are you wearing those strange costumes? And what kingdom do you children belong to? He asked

Kingdom? We don’t belong to any kingdom we come from a town called Rocky Shores. Which seemed to have disappeared into thin air Vicky explained

And does the king of this so called Rocky Shores know that you’ve fled his kingdom? The boar asked

What? I just told you that we don’t belong to any kingdom! Vicky exclaimed

I see stay right there and don’t try to escape the boar frowned

Escape from what? We just want to know where are we? And how we got here and how we can get back home? Honey sobbed

Honey I don’t know about you but I say we take off before he--. And before Vicky could finish her sentence a large net fell over them

Hey! Let us out of here! She screamed. One of the guards leaned closer towards the net and with a big creepy smile he answered

Don’t be foolish little ones we just captured the two who beheaded our king!

What? We’re just kids we didn’t beheaded anyone! Honey cried out. The guards just laughed and high fived each other as they dragged them back to the castle

Flicking wall torches blinded them as a loud spooky voice from across the room cried out

Excellent job! You captured them!

No they didn’t! We don’t even belong here! Vicky yelled you’re making a big mistake

Silence foolish one! The only mistake that was made was you thinking you’d get away with it the older boar growled at her


Did you really believe wearing those silly costumes would save you from being caught? He added

We’re not wearing any silly costumes we dress like this every day Honey sobbed

Surly you can come up with a better excuse then that the older boar smirked now guards take them to see the king

At the end of the hall the older boar stepped outside as the guard pushed opened the door. Against the far wall sitting at a table was the king. Both Vicky and Honey screamed in horror when they noticed that he was headless

Your highness I’m pleased to report that we’ve capture your assassins the old boar smiled. The girls screamed again when the headless king raised his hand and began to write. On a piece of paper that was in front of him

How can he still be alive when he doesn’t have a head! Honey cried out. They all ignored her outburst and read out loud what the headless king wrote


We didn’t do anything with it! Why doesn’t anyone believe us! Vicky yelled. The headless king slammed his hand hard on the table. Then began to write again

Take them to the executioner and bring me back their heads when he’s finished!

What! This is all a big mistake! Honey cried out

Wrong you’re the ones who made the mistake when you cut off my head. Now take them away!

A few seconds later they were outside standing in front of a strong boar who was dressed all in black. With a big ax gripped tightly in his hand

The dragonfly will go first do you’ve any last words? The boar asked

Yes my name is Vicky Dragonfly. My friend and I come from a town called Rocky Shores we never hurt anyone. We don’t even know how we got here or why

Silence! Executioners do your job and are done with it! The old boar cried out. The boar nodded and was about to swing his ax down on Vicky’s head when Honey yelled

No! Wait!

Wait for what? Would you like to confess and save your friend little one? The old boar smirked

No I want to make a bet with you she mumbled

Bet? What kind of bet? The old boar frowned

Vicky has a coin in her pocket she’ll toss it in the air. And if it lands on heads you’ll let us go but if it lands on tails we’ll confess Honey explained

Fair enough but I must warn you that I never lost a coin toss in my life! He laughed

Okay here it goes! Vicky cried as she threw the coin high in the air

Heads! We won! They both yelled once the coin landed

What? How is that possible? I never lost! The old boar hollered

So we can go now right? Vicky asked hopefully

Take them to the dugongs until I decide on what to do with them! He order

Huh? No wait you said that you’d let us go!

Oh I did didn’t I? Sorry kids but I lied the old boar smiled

A few minutes later they were pushed inside a cage inside the castle dugongs

Oh great! Now what? Honey muttered they’re going to keep us locked down here forever!

No we’re getting out of here right now Vicky smiled holding up the key to the cell

Oh my god! Vicky how did you do that? Honey cried out

I’ll tell you some other time now let’s go before they come back Vicky answered her then leaned against the bar. And placed the key inside the lock that clicked softly as it opened

Yes it worked! Come on

They quickly ran out of the cell and round the corner followed by a narrow passageway. And kept running until they couldn’t run anymore. Once they were outside the castle Honey turned to Vicky

I was thinking this all happened when we both went to grab the coin at the same time. Maybe if we try it again it’ll bring us back

That sounds like a great idea okay here goes nothing Vicky shrugged. Once she threw the coin in the air when it landed. They both dove for it but nothing happened

Maybe we’ve to do in the same spot or someplace close to it Honey shrugged

Maybe but I‘ve another idea what if we help the king find his head

It’s worth a try but we can’t go back we probably be caught within five minutes if we do Honey answered her

Yah but hiding out here is not going to help us any. Come on let’s go check around and see what can find out Vicky answered

A few minutes later they were walking when they came a small shack

Let’s start in here that’s a pretty weird why would anyone have a pile of hay inside their shack Vicky frowned. Honey was about to answer her when a large boar walked inside the door and asked

Well, well and who might you two be?

Well umm sir we’re visiting from a far, far away land in hopes that we’d find the best umm Vicky began

Hay! Honey finished for her

Oh well if you are looking for the best hay you must go the barn yard. That’s down the road behind the castle if you like I can take you there the boar answered them

Oh no! Umm we know where its thanks and sorry again. Vicky dragged Honey by the arm

A few minutes later they digging inside a big stack of hay searching for the king’s head. And just when it was like it was a lost coast Vicky pulled it out

Oh wow! I can’t believe it! You actually found it! Honey cried out happily

Yah now let’s give it back to the king and see if we can finally get out of here and back home Vicky smiled

When they got back to the castle they tried to tell the old boar but he just laughed

Silly fools! Don’t you see that I was the one who chopped the king’s head? So I could take over and rule in his place. Now I don’t know where you fools come from but it’s time that you disappear. And this time you won’t escape he growled

And before any of them could answer an angry voice cried out

You foolish old fool! Even without my head I still heard every word you said. You’ll pay for you crime!

But your highness this was---

Silence! The king barked as soon as I’m untied with my head I shall make sure that I’ll have yours!

And before the confused boar could reply Vicky cried out

Your highness we did it! Not only did we found your head but we also got the real villain to confess to his crime

She then gave him the bag in which held his missing head the king opened the bag then placed back on its place. Once it was secured he angrily barked the guards and ordered that they take the old boar to the dungeon and await his orders

Once they left the king turned to Vicky and Honey and asked

Now tell me again how you wandered into my kingdom. They quickly took turns in telling him the whole story from start to finish

Let me see this coin that you speak of? He asked once they were done. Vicky gave him the coin and when he carefully examined it

The face on this coin looks a lot like me he stated


Yes here I’ll show you

He took out a box in where he kept his coins in and tossed over to them

Here you may keep this as a token for helping me find my head he told them. Both Vicky and Honey went to catch the box. And just like before they bumped heads and everything turned black

Seconds later

Look! We’re back! Honey cried out happily as she pointed towards their school

Yah I guess we did what we were meant to do and as a reward it brought as back Vicky shrugged

Hey where have you to been? Lunch time is almost over and we’ve been looking all for you guys? Tommy frowned

That my friend is a very, very long story one that not even in your wildest dreams will you ever believe! Honey laughed


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