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I don’t know how it all started, well actually I do know, though the how makes me get all quiet and reflective. Well the how doesn’t make me as quiet and reflective as the person the how had me fall in love with. It all started 5 years ago well at least that is where it started for me, to throw me into a journey and a love that I never thought I would ever find.

I had just graduated from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, my brother Ron and his friends Hermione and Harry being a year older graduated the year before me and had already been inducted into the Order. My family was all at my graduation ceremony, including my brothers’ girlfriends; Harry of course was there…over the past 8 years he had been adopted into the family. Hermione was there also, much to my pleasure. She looked amazing, but yet she always did, her job in the Ministry was going well. I should know there wasn’t a day her and I didn’t owl each other. Over the last year though I missed her, more than I thought I’d miss my best friend…then I realized, that I was feeling more toward her than friendship.

That realization scared me, not only because I didn’t think Hermione felt the same way…but because I thought she had feelings for Ron, just like everyone else believed also. But graduation went by and Hermione and I moved into a flat in muggle London. We were just finishing the move when we got work of an Order meeting. Hermione and I were both enjoying being out of school and away from our families, being out on our own. Thought it was hard living with Hermione, because of my feelings for her grew even more and sometimes I’d think for a minute or two at the time think she might of felt the same way but my sense of fear and low self esteem would kick in and all thoughts of telling her would die a silent quick death in my mind.

As we headed towards the Order meeting was one of those moments I thought Hermione had feelings for me, but yet again my fear of loosing her completely and my total lack of self-esteem, kept me silent. I was determined to love her from afar, because she of course could never love me back. Could she? Was the question that plagued my mind, and still does 5 years later, but that doesn’t matter anymore…

At the meeting I had gotten an assignment and as I headed back to Hermione and I flat to get some things I would need, the urge to tell her was so great, that I quickly packed and left. It’s been 5 years now and I have not seen anything except the pitch black of my cell. My first and only mission in the Order and I was captured. At first I was interrogated days on end and tortured along with it. But I never cracked and they stuck me in this cell as a way to break my spirit. Its been 5 years and I have yet to break, yet to give the location of where the Order headquarters is or was…they might of moved in the 5 years I have been in this cell. At first they’d come for me often but now it’s been a while since anyone has come to take me for the interrogation. It’s been a while since I’ve had a meal…now that I think about it. I know I don’t have that much time left, I’ve held on for 5 years and now thoughts of no escape except in death are in my mind. Its not the first time I’ve had these thoughts…but there is some type of charm on the cells that if a prisoner tries to kill themselves an alarm goes off and they are dragged off to be interrogated.

Voldemorts offer…give him what he wants and he will let you die. I’ve heard the offer plenty of times; my arms bare the proof of that. So do my legs for that matter, I’ve tried so many times that during the torture they had taken to breaking my legs over and over again, trying to get me to cry out the information they wanted, but I never did. I can’t feel my legs anymore, I can’t move them, they have been broken so many times I fear that if I ever was rescued that I’d still never use them again. If anyone thinks I am alive…that thought plagues my mind, it has been 5 years and no one has come to rescue me. I wonder if anyone is alive? Has the war ended and we lost and no one told me? Is Hermione alive? That question brings an image of Hermione in my mind that almost makes me forget where I am. I hope she is alive and well, with someone she loves that loves her back. I love her even now but they probably think I am dead, it has been 5 years…

Sometimes my thoughts drift to thoughts of what if I was rescued. Being in this cell means I have a lot of time to think, thought thinking is probably the worst thing to do at times. I think if I were rescued I’d tell her I love her and if she doesn’t feel the same way or if she has someone in her life and is happy I will let her be and never tell her. Sometimes I have a dream that Hermione comes to rescue me, that I tell her my feelings for her, she feels the same way and we live happily ever after…but time is running out and I have very little hope anymore.

Time is running out, I can’t see myself because its to dark, but I know I’m skin and bones. It is becoming harder now to breathe, the pain in my chest started out slowly and now it’s becoming harder and sharper. I know what it is from, I am malnourished and my body is starting to shut down. I’ve lasted 5 years and now my time is running out. I’m tired again and I feel sleep taking over me, my last thought before I pass out once again is that if I die, I die in my sleep.

I wake up suddenly there are loud explosions up above me. Something big is happening…and I am excited and afraid…just in case I think I should move away from the front of the cell, so with the little energy I have I crawl and drag my legs behind me. The pain in my chest is coming on again, and I am all of a sudden dizzy. My last thought before I collapse in the middle of my cell is that, I’m going to die right before I am rescued…and that life sometimes is just to bloody ironic…everything in my world goes black.

I can feel my body…but I must be in heaven, I can feel my legs again and there is something soft around me. My hand is being…what is that called again, grabbed, no that isn’t it…held. Someone is holding my hand…I definitely must be in heaven…I fell so good, my stomach doesn’t feel so empty…If I am dead than I can understand, I fought as hard as I could and finally my body could take no more. I just hope someone will find my body and return it to my family…well if any of them are alive…

Slowly I open my eyes, it is bright and I have to close them again, I hear someone moan and my hand is squeezed. I once again open my eyes but slowly…realization dawns on me, I’m not dead. I’m in a hospital bed, in the wizard hospital; it has to be here because the picture on the wall is moving. There is a Christmas tree in the corner with an angel on the top. I hear that groan again and I look towards the sound, it’s a big pile of frizzy hair…frizzy hair that can only belong to my Hermione. My Hermione, she isn’t mine but she is here and the sight of her is all I will ever want or need again in my life. She moans again and she moves her head to where I can see her face. She is having a nightmare by the look on her face. With some effort I move my other arm to her face and caress it slowly, I never thought I’d see her ever again; I start to cry a mix of tears of joy and sadness. Joy that I am free and that she is right there next to me…sadness though because she isn’t my Hermione, but that doesn’t matter anymore because she is in my life again and that is all that matters.

She moves her head again moaning out loud, but she moves into my caress and I can’t help but smile. Hermione quickly opens her eyes, blinks a few times and in the span of a second of seeing her eyes I see that she has gone through hell in the last 5 years, eyes too old before their time. In the blink of an eye she is in my arms I’m holding onto her as she cries…and she is holding back as I am crying. She is in my arms and that is all that matters to me. Our crying starts to subside, and I realize our hands are still intertwined, I don’t want to let go, I never again want to let go again but I have to and with that thought I break down completely, the walls and barriers of 5 years being alone in a dark cell, with only my thoughts as company, they all come down. Hermione pulls me closer into her.

“Its ok Ginny, I’m here now, you are safe, it’s all over.” Hermione whispers in my ear, trying to calm me down. My thoughts scream out at what she says…are you really here? Please I want her to be here; here with me forever because I can’t let go of her…I have to tell her. My heart is breaking, years of being alone and then to have her right here next to me…I got to tell her but as I am crying, she gets up onto the bed and positions herself to where she is laying down next to me and cradling me in her arms. I still can’t seem to stop crying. “Its ok Ginny let it all out. I’m here and I will never leave you again, I promise that.” with that she kisses the top of my forehead and I actually start to calm down. Our hands are still linked together…and I look down at them till I am calm.

“Are you ok now Ginny?” I slowly move my other hand to our hands and lightly stroke her hand with mine and then I nod. I dare not speak because I don’t want to shatter the moment. She is beautiful, and then I see it, the scars…the many scars that line her arms. I look up to her and our eyes meet, she knows I saw them. All she can do is nod at me, I over turn my arm to show her mine, there are as many scars and she looks down at me and into my eyes and I nod. Time passes for a long time its around 2am by the look of the clock, and the quiet of the hospital room is relaxing or it might be the fact Hermione is in bed with me, holding me and our hands are together. I keep thinking I have to tell her, I might not get a chance, ever again…

“Hermione?” it comes out as a whisper its hard to speak, but I have to say this…say it while I still have the strength and courage I have.

“Yes Ginny?” she asks silently, she pulls me tighter up against her.

“I have to tell you something, promise me you wont get mad at me for what I am about to say...please I have to say it then whatever it means to you, I will accept…just please don’t hate me.” I say in a quick quiet rush.

“I could never hate you Ginny.” was the only answer I got from her.

I turned over onto my side, so I can look at her, as I say this. I know if she rejects me her face will be with me forever, but I must look at her and say this, I owe her that much to say that I love her to her face. I roll over and see her face and I take a deep breath, there is a fear in her eyes, “I love you Hermione.” was all I could say before I kissed her. Much to my surprise and joy she kisses me back and holds on to me. I break off the kiss to look at her once more, she is beautiful, and I love her. I truly honestly love her, I bring my hand that is locked with hers up and kisses her hand then her forehead.

“Ginny I love you, with all my heart. I thought I lost you forever, 5 years…good god I have missed you.” Hermione says and pulls me towards her as she has me snuggle into her. “I wanted to tell you for the longest time…but I couldn’t bare the chance of loosing you, it took me loosing you to realize nothing in life is more precious than you. I lost my mind, when I thought I lost you…”

I can hear the tears in Hermione’s voice; I just snuggle into her deeper. “I wanted to die in that dungeon. I thought all of you were dead. Especially after a while when they quit asking me questions…I thought perhaps the war ended and we lost and that no one deemed it necessary to tell me, except to let me die slowly in that dark cell…” near the end my voice breaks and I start to cry again.

She is holding me tighter, stroking my face “Its ok, I’m here. I’ll never let you go.” I cry till I pass out, with exhaustion my body is still extremely weak. I slip into sleep and into a nightmare, I dream of the last time I was questioned. I can see Voldemort laughing and masked figures watching with evil glints in their eyes. I can feel my legs being broken again; the excruciating pain wakes me up screaming. Hermione is right there still next to me on the bed; she is holding me “Its ok Ginny, it’s only a dream. It is not real, you are safe. Its Christmas Eve Ginny, your parents will be here soon, and your brothers and their wives, girlfriends and boyfriends. They will be so happy to see that you are awake, it has been a long time of you just sleeping.”

“I dreamt of the last time I was questioned…Hermione I never want to remember that again…” was all I could say.

“Its ok, I’m here. Want me to fill you in on what has been happening, to get your mind off of it?” I just nodded. “Well lets see both your parents are in good health. Charlie is dating Blaize Zambini, and Bill is dating Draco.” at the mention of those two names I stiffen. “Its ok, they are on our side, they are who lets us into Malfoy manner to rescue you, and to kill Voldemort…he is dead finally. Ron and Harry are engaged, I guess they have been dating since before we all graduated…they just hid it from all of us because of the war…Fred and George married Angelina and Katie, they are expecting kids in early January, Percy and Penelope are married they have a beautiful daughter that they named Sarah, they are expecting another in late January.”

“What about you?” I asked running my fingers lightly up and down her arm.

“I have been living in our flat this whole time, I couldn’t bare to move out…I quit my job at the Ministry, and turned my back on the wizarding world. I couldn’t bare to feel the magic that brought us together…I have been working at a sandwich shop in muggle London.” she stopped talking, and I turned her arm over and traced the lines of the scars… “Those were my attempts to die, or when I’d get into a depressive mood, I’d hurt myself to prove to myself I was alive. Physical pain was better than the emotional void I felt for so long.” She kisses the top of my head. “I love you Ginny.” Hermione sits up and I turn over on my side, she is looking at the tree, but by the way her face is, I know she doesn’t see the tree, she is thinking about something. I reach out my hand to her face, she leans into my touch. “Ginny?”


Hermione takes a deep breath, “I know I just told you I love you, but Ginny I don’t think I can live without you…I bought a house recently…in case you didn’t wake up and it was time to take you home…its only a few minutes from your parents house…I guess what I am saying is…” Hermione looks into my eyes, that fear is in her eyes again, “Ginny will you marry me?” At first I’m surprised, “I’m sorry Ginny, I know I’m moving to fast it’s just….” She didn’t get to finish her sentence because I pulled her down on top of me and kissed her. We break apart “I take that as a yes?” I kiss her again, this time I let my hands wander her body. She is beautiful and she is all I ever want and need. After the kiss, we cuddle up on the bed again, and she falls asleep, I spend the rest of the night, gazing at her face, she looks so peaceful and so happy.

Its 8 am and I bend down to her and kiss her awake, she opens her eyes and smiles at me. “Hi sweetie, what time is it?”

“Its 8am, and I would like to get cleaned up a bit before my parents come, I might need your help…” I look down at the bed, and blush…this is harder than I thought. She puts her hand up to my face and lifts my chin so I look at her.

“I’ll help you, you don’t even have to ask. I am here, always.” Was all she said as she got out of bed and went to the bathroom to turn on the tub. She came back she was wearing only her bra and shorts. My breath caught, she was an exquisite sight to behold. She blushed.

“You are beautiful Hermione” she blushed more as she came towards me to help me out of bed, I could feel my legs, but I found when I tried to stand on my own that I was more weak than I thought, I collapsed into Hermione’s arms. The incident made me break down again.

“Its ok Ginny, we will work on getting your strength back up. The doctors said that you will be able to gain your working use of your legs, but it will be a while, and a lot of surgeries and physical therapy. I’ll be with you every step of the way” I stop crying after that, I know I can do this, I’m strong I survived 5 years of hell I can head back up to heaven. Hermione scoops me in her arms, and carries me to the bathroom where she helps me get undressed and gets me into the tub. She is drinking in my body, and so am I. It has been a long time since I’ve seen my body. I am so skinny; my skin is whiter than anything I’ve seen before. My body is covered in scars from when I was tortured, more than I remember, more than I can comprehend. Hermione starts washing me she is being extremely gentle and I‘m reveling in the feeling of her touch.

I feel so helpless; here I am a grown woman being bathed by the woman I love, who I just saw today for the first time in 5 years. 5 years I should of told her I loved her before I left, but I was to scared, fear ruled my life then and depression for the last 5 years and now what rules my life? I look up into her eyes and I see something in her eyes that I never thought I’d see directed to me, love. I suddenly get a wicked idea in my head, and it shows that I am for the first time in 5 years happy…I splash Hermione with some of the tub water.

“GINNY! What was that for?” she squeals. I get an even more evil idea in my mind; I quickly reach up to where Hermione is sitting on the rim of the tub and pull her in. She lands on my legs and I wince at the pain and she sees me wince. “Ginny sweetie, be careful of your legs, please.”

“I will, but I don’t care, I got you right where I want you.” At that I wrap my arms around her neck and bring her down towards me and we kiss again. I let myself revel in the feeling of her up against my body, one of my hands travels to her face and I caress her face, feeling the softness of her face. My other hand travels to her back to where it fumbles with her bra strap, my fingers are weak and I have trouble with the catches, Hermione fixes that by reaching behind her and undoing the clasp. I quickly remove her bra and groan as her breast are barred free of their confines, she is more beautiful that I thought or ever could imagined. She blushes and tries to hide herself from me. “Hermione, you are an angel” I kiss her again trying to show her how much I love her, because words are not near enough. She breaks the kiss and slowly trails kisses down my throat, nipping playfully at the junction of my neck and shoulder. My hands are on her hips slowly massaging, my hands trail to her stomach and slowly draw a line with one finger of each hand. In the middle I reach down and undo her short clasp and massage her stomach.

“Ginny” Hermione whispers in my ear, as one of my hands travel lower, the other back one back to her hip and massaging. “Oh God, I love you Ginny. I don’t know what I am doing, but all I want to do is make love to you right here, right now.”

“Hermione, I want to make you mine. I’ve never done this, but I want to make this special. I love you, all I’ve thought of for 5 years is you and being with you like this…” I inhale deeply of her hair as I bury my face in it. “I only want to do this with you and if only you are ready. Are you ready?” She answers by kissing my neck slowly. “Hermione, look at me.” She looks up at me face full of confusion… ”Will you marry me, tonight? I want to marry you tonight and go home tonight.” She kisses me full of passion and full of need, as it ends I say “I’ll take that as a yes?”

“Yes Ginny”

“Then I am going to do the hardest thing I’ve done and stop this…till later on tonight. I want it to be special. And I want yours and my first time…after we are married and are partners forever.” I say blushing and looking down at myself.

“You mean it?” she asks.

“Yes.” I say.

“You romantic you” Hermione teases.

“I try. Now we will actually have to finish getting me cleaned up then lets call Mum and Dad and tell them I am awake. Then lets tell them together about us.”

“They already know about how I feel. They just weren’t sure if you cared for me the same way.” was all Hermione said.

“Well then when we tell them we want to get married tonight it wont be to much of a surprise will it?” I tease.

“Nope” was all Hermione said as she got out of the tub and finished cleaning me up. After many stolen kisses and smoky glances she calls mum and dad and they apparate right over. Its many minutes of screams, hugs and kisses as the whole family, plus significant others apparate right into my hospital room. Hermione is standing in a corner…we decided to play a little with them. After everyone finishes hugging and kissing me and the room goes quiet. “Well it sure is good to be home. I have so missed you all. But I have to tell you all something….” Hermione then walks up to my side her face beaming with pride and happiness. “Hermione and I have decided to get married…. Tonight. I’ve loved her for far to long…and to many years of being alone has made me realize that I can’t live without her.”

“CONGRATS!!!!!” everyone says in unison and they all giggle.

“We will need help arranging it, something very simple and easy…I’ll be talking to the doctor soon and going home tonight. I don’t want to spend another night in a hospital bed or alone for that matter.” I had the good grace to blush at that and realize that Hermione is blushing with me.

“Well then, ok we need someone to officiate the wedding, flowers, two brides dresses, cake, and a place to have the ceremony.” Mum said. I love it when she takes charge. “Hermione dear have you called and told your parents?”

“Yes I have Molly, they will be there.” Hermione said smiling.

“Good then, Professor Dumbledore can officiate your wedding if you want him to, I bet he will be thrilled for you two.”

“Yes that will be awesome” Hermione and I say in unison. We both look at each other and smile.

“Ok Harry, Ron, Draco and Bill I want you two to go see if the hospital has any big reception halls or something like that anywhere that we can rent for the night.” at that the 4 guys left. “Percy, George, and Fred you boys go to any bakeries and flower shops and get price ranges and what they have in stock.” at that the other 3 guys left. “Arthur I need you to go talk to the doctor arrange for Ginny’s transfer to home later tonight, anything they will need for Ginny. Also contact Albus and ask him about officiating the wedding.”

“Oh and tell him that all the professors are welcomed. Even Snape.” I say. A silence falls around the room. “What’s wrong?”

“Professor Snape, Moody, and Tonks are all dead. They died in the last battle Hun.” Hermione says as she looks at me, I just nod and look away; Hermione grabs my hand and squeezes.

“I’m ok. Just tell Professor Dumbledoore that all the professors are welcomed.“ I say.

“Will do sweetheart,” Dad says as he disappears out the room.

“Now that all that is taken care of…. Angelina, Katie, Penelope and I will go looking for gowns. Any specifics you two want?” Mum says.

“Actually Hermione and I thought since I’ll most likely be needing a wheel chair to go down the aisle…we both will wear white tuxedo’s. I know it aint traditional…but nothing about this is traditional. And… just getting cleaned up this morning took a lot out of me Mum.” I say.

“Perfect we will get a tailor here and have him fit the two of you. Then we will go get the decorations and then come back later when it’s more near time and doll you two up. Oh wait we forgot to set a time. What time for the wedding?” Mum asked.

I look at Hermione who just nods at me, giving me the choice. “Is 9pm doable?”

“Yes that’s plenty of time. Now we will go find a tailor and go see how everyone else is doing, you two just sit and relax and let us do the arrangements. Hermione I will call your mom and tell her Arthur will pick them up so they can come and help with the preparations.” Mum and the 3 girls left.

The rest of the day blew past Hermione and I like a freight train. It was 8pm before we knew it. Neither of us had seen the reception hall, or any of the arrangements made for our wedding except we saw the tuxedos, knew Dumbledoore was officiating the wedding and that there was a lot of red and gold decorations in a bag when Mum stopped by to see how we were doing. Hermione’s mom and dad came by during the day to welcome me to the family and told me I looked better than the last time they had been here to visit me with Hermione.

It is 8pm now and Hermione is in her tux, she is now helping me with the help of my mum and her mom to get me into mine. It is a bit more difficult than I thought it would be, but it is worth it, I want to marry Hermione tonight. After getting me dressed Hermione steals a quick kiss from me as she is dragged to a corner where Angelina and Katie start doing her make up and her hair. She doesn’t need it, but no one listens to me on that subject. My mum and Penelope are working on my hair and make up as Hermione’s mom fixes my tux pants…I ripped them a bit when getting into the wheel chair.

Its 9pm, my dad wheels me out of the room, Hermione’s father is escorting her just ahead of us. We enter the room and its decorated in red, gold, and white roses and streamers…. It’s beautiful. Hermione looks back at me with tears in her eyes…its more than we hopped for on such a short notice. Professor Dumbledoore stood at the end of a long aisle, our friends and family on each side smiling. Hermione and her dad walked down first, then Dad wheeled me down the aisle.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, we are gathered tonight for the wedding of Ginny and Hermione, they are going to bind their lives together in a blessed union sacred because of the bound of love shared between them. Hermione, do you take Ginny to be your lawfully wedded wife, to have and to hold, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health, for as long as you both shall live?”

Hermione held my hand, and squeezed “I do”

“Do you Ginny, take Hermione to be your lawfully wedded wife, to have and to hold, for richer and poorer, in sickness and in health, for as long as you both shall live?”

There are tears in my eyes, and in Hermione’s. She looks like an angel. “I do”

“Then lets exchange the rings.” At that Harry and Ron walk up each carrying a small box. Inside are matching silver bands. “Ginny repeat after me, with this ring, with all my heart and all my love, I pledge to be faithful to you till the end of my days.”

“I, Ginny, with this ring, with all my heart and all my love, I pledge to be faithful to you till the end of my days.” I say as I slide the ring onto Hermione’s finger.

“Hermione repeat after me. With this ring, with all my heart and all my love, I pledge to be faithful to you till the end of my days.”

“I, Hermione, with this ring, with all my heart and all my love, I pledge to be faithful to you till the end of my days.” Hermione says as she slips the ring onto my finger, and squeezes my hand and smiles down at me.

“With that in mind and the power invested in me, I now pronounce you wife and wife. You may now kiss.” Dumbledore shouted and Hermione knelt down on one knee and kissed me. Letting me know what I was in for that night, I couldn’t help but smile. Cheers went up around the reception hall and Hermione wheeled me over to the cake so we both could cut it. After pictures were taken, and the cake was cut and served and eaten, Hermione and I said our goodbyes and goodnights to our families.

Hermione wheeled me out to her car where she lifted me into the car and drove us home. Hermione held my hand as she drove and shot me smoky looks that made my blood boil and wish the car would move faster. The car seemed to go slower and slower as we got closer and closer to the area that was so familiar and made me feel so like I was going home, for the first time…in all that day. I looked at Hermione, the moon shone on her face through the car window making her look like she was an angel, driving me home, and she was. She is my angel and she and I are heading to our home.

We stop in front of a 2-story house; it’s made of red brick and has a medieval look to it, like it’s a castle. Hermione gets out, comes to my door, opens it and picks me up. “HERMIONE!”

“What?!” she shoots me an innocent look and I can’t help but laugh and snuggle into her neck. She carries me over the threshold and down the hall. As she nudges the door I realize there are at least a few dozen candles all around the room that spring to life when we enter the room. I look at Hermione and raise an eyebrow. “My turn to be romantic, I had Harry and Ron set it up for us, earlier today.” she says as she lays me down on the bed and kisses me. The kiss deepens and I can tell she is hungry with need of me, as I am of her. I slide the tuxedo jacket from her shoulders and unbutton her shirt as she is caressing my face. All I can think of is her and how much I love her, how much I need to show it to her. She is unbuttoning my shirt now and kissing my chest, it’s an exquisite feeling. It’s making my stomach feel like its on fire and I groan as she unclasp my bra and suckles on my breast.

“Oh God Hermione” I moan as she kisses my stomach and then takes off my pants for me. She quickly removes her shirt, unclasps her bra and I groan more. Every time I look at her its like I’m seeing her for the first time ever in my life. She removes her pants and lies down on the bed next to me and I can’t help but smile as I push her down flat on the bed and roll on top of her. I kiss her deeply, exploring her mouth and her neck. I lower myself, and massage one breast while I kiss and play with the other, she is wiggling from my touch and moaning, it makes this all the more special.

I leave a trail with my tongue and lips as I move lower, Hermione is breathing heavy and I did that to her and it makes me happier, I’m floating on cloud nine and it feels good. As I approach that area that is Hermione’s secret I smile to myself, I’m nervous…don’t know what the hell I am doing, but that’s okay because I’m with her and that’s all that matters. I make love to her more than once that night, I lost count of every time she screamed out my name in the climax of passion…I’ve lost count how many times I have also…She is now sleeping, her face is peaceful, the candle light is dancing on her face and she is mesmerizing, I can’t help but to kiss her forehead lightly before I pass out from my own exhaustion.

I awake to Hermione leaning over me, smiling down at me. “Good morning beautiful. Slept well?” Hermione winks playfully at me, and I quickly kiss her again. “I’ll take that as a yes. Merry Christmas my love.”

“I love you Hermione. Merry Christmas.” I trace a finger up and down her arm. “Hermione, what do you think about adopting some kids? I know we just got married and all…” Hermione quickly kisses me.

“I was just about to ask you that question…I want to adopt kids that have been orphaned from the war…I want to share with them the love I have with you, Ginny. What do you say about going to the orphanage tomorrow and start adopting kids?”

“How many rooms are there in this house? I couldn’t tell when we drove up last night.”

“Well there is our room, the library, the dining room, the kitchen, the living room, and about 10 other rooms that are not being used. All of which are quite large and have bathrooms attached.”

My mouth dropped. “Hermione how could you afford this?”

She smiled “5 years living really cheap, because nothing mattered. I let dad invest my money, and the new job I have at the ministry.”

“And what is that? You have yet to tell me.”

“Head of adoptions of wizarding children in England”

My mouth dropped again…she took the advantage and kissed me.

Its 5 years later now, our wedding anniversary…the kids are all sleeping, quiet and snug in their beds. We have 6 kids right now; soon we will be adopting more once the paper work goes through…tomorrow. We will be adding 6 more. It will be a Christmas surprise…we will also be getting 6 more dogs, one for each child. The house is rarely quiet and Hermione and I love it that way and though it is quiet right now, as she is making love to me, making me cry out for her…all that passes through my mind is a dream that came true and a bigger dream in the making.

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