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The Crown Of Life

The Crown Of Life
Once there was a man by the name of Goodeeds,Goodeeds lived for the day that he would receive the crown of life.But there were things,that Goodeeds had to do,before he could receive the crown of life.But Goodeeds in his ownself didn't have the slightest idea,how to accomplish such a great task.While Goodeeds was pondering these things in his heart,along came his brother the Holy Spirit.Holy Spirit said to his brother Goodeeds,you are my brother,I will teach you all things,and I will also bring all things to your rememberence,and as long as you obey me,at the end,you will surely receive your crown of life,you so desperately want.So the next day as Goodeeds was on his way to a place called Er,he met a widow,with seven children,every child had seven bowls,and every child had seven spoons,but when Goodeeds looked into their bowls,they were empty,Goodeeds said to the widow woman,there are only seven bowls here,but as I count,I see eight,where is your bowl?Asked Goodeeds,I will eat what my children leave replied the widow woman,then Goodeeds took the widow woman and her children,into his chariot and took them to the nearest village,where he bought food,for the widow and her children.On the way to the village,Goodeeds found out from the children,that they were also homeless,so Goodeeds went and found them a nice comfortable place at the Inn,and payed the Innkeeper very handsome,for the lodging,and Goodeeds told the Innkeeper,if I owe you more,I will pay you when I pass through again,but if I don't God will,but whatever you do,please don't cast this widow and her children into the streets.On the way down the road,his brother the Holy Spirit showed up,Holy Spirit said to Goodeeds,because you have fed,and house the widow,and her children,they are very happy and content.So I say to you my brother,you're on the right road to receiving your crown of life.Goodeeds continued on his journey,he met a man and a woman,who were not married to each other,and they were caught in the very act of adultry,Goodeeds said to them,the good book says,let every man have his on wife,and let every woman have her own husband,and then the man and the woman,they split up,the man went one way,and the woman,she went another.Holy Spirit showed up,he said to Goodeeds,now that you have saved two souls from hell,the crown of life is getting closer.Then Goodeeds got up in his chariot,and started on his journey,as Goodeeds were going around the bend in the road,he were met by robbers,that stripped him of his belongings,attacked him with rocks and stones,left him bloody from his head down to his feet,in the middle of the road.His brother the Holy Spirit showed up,and bind his soul,while some passerbyes,stop by,and bind his wounds,and stayed with him,until he was well again.One day Goodeeds was feeling well enough to continued his journey,this time to a place called Hate.When Goodeeds reached this place called Hate,he had never in his life seen,nor heard of so much hate.This place called Hate was truely a wicked place.As Goodeeds was thinking about what to do next,his brother the Holy Spirit showed up,and gave Goodeeds a little bag,what's in the bag?Asked Goodeeds,this bag contains love seeds,replied Holy Spirit,and your job Goodeeds?Is to sow these seeds wherever you can,and whenever you can.So Goodeeds started to sow the seeds,as Goodeeds started to sow the seeds,he started to look over his shoulder,and that's when Goodeeds,started to see people coming together,in unity and most impotant,they were showing love to each other.Love was truely in the air.So goodeeds finished sowing the rest of the love seeds,and in a twinkle of an eye,this place was not a place of hate anymore,but this place was a place of love and compassion for it's fellowman.So the next town Goodeeds went to,was a town of robbers and thieves,so strange as it might be,said Goodeeds to himself,those are the same robbers that robbed me,and now someone has beat them just like they beat me.So then his brother
the Holy Spirit showed up,and brought his two friends,Goodeeds had always known about them,but he had never had the pleasure of meeting them face to face,this is Mercy and Grace said Holy Spirit,please to meet you face to face said Goodeeds,same here replied Mercy and Grace.So Mercy and Grace,said to Goodeeds these are the same men that robbed you,that's true,but love them,bind them,give them a drink of cool water,but most of all Goodeeds,you have to forgive them,and Goodeeds did all those things,and what's so good is,that he did it all in love.So the next place that Goodeeds entered,which is the last journey,he would make on the planet earth,was a place that was mark with the sign of a skull,which means the place of the dead,this place was called death.As Goodeeds reached this horrible place called death,there were two murders waiting on Goodeeds,as he entered,the place of the dead,the murders,they killed Goodeeds,and left his body by the side of the road for the buzzards.As soon as Goodeeds died,his soul left his body,the angels came and took Goodeeds soul,back to Goodeeds rightful home.When Goodeeds soul reached Heaven,in a twinkle of an eye Goodeeds was changed,he had a new body and everything.Matter of fact as Goodeeds was looking around Heaven,he spotted this beautiful white gown,oh!what a beautiful gown,said Goodeeds,and it's all yours,said the Father,and when Goodeeds looked up to see,who was talking to him,there stood the Father,the Son and the Holy Spirit,I don't see Mercy and Grace said Goodeeds,we all are one in the Father,replied his brother the Holy Spirit.The Father,the Son,the Holy Spirit,Mercy, Grace,Love,Forgiveness,and you Goodeeds,we all are one,and never will you be separated from us again.And then Goodeeds looked up just in time to see this beautiful crown that was being placed on his head,and oh how happy Goodeeds was because,he had finally gotten his heart's desire,and that was the Crown Of Life.
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