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The Woodrats Goes To Cartoon World

The Woodrats Goes To Cartoon World Part Two
Today the woodrats were very busy packing,for a very important trip,to Cartoon World.The woodrats had lived for this very day,not only to go to Cartoon World,but to see their favorite star,who is Cocoa the mouse,he sure is cool,isn't he?Said Moe,he sure is agreed the other woodrats.
Suddenly the doorbell ranged,and Miney peeked through the keyhole,and discovered it was their friend Chatty the cat.Miney opened the door,and let Chatty the cat in.Hello said Chatty the cat,I just come by,to say goodbye,and good luck on your trip to Cartoon World.
Take a load off said the woodrats,then as Chatty the cat sat down,they noticed,that Chatty the cat was doing a lot of scratching,and then Chatty the cat,kept moving from chair to chair.What's wrong Chatty?Asked Moe seems like you're coming down with something said Moe.Oh it's nothing serious replied Chatty the cat,as a matter of fact,I was on my way home,to take a bath,and then I'll be as good as new.And Chatty the cat left for home.
The woodrats noticed,after Chatty the cat had left,she had left most her hair in the chair.I wonder what's wrong,with Chatty the cat?Asked Enie,we don't know replied the other woodrats.Could she have fleas?Asked Miney,might be replied Moe,are she might just need a good bath,said Menie.Oh!I know what it might be yelled Moe,what?Asked the other woodrats,Chatty could have gotten into some poison ivy,could be replied the other woodrats.
Then the woodrats went on with their packing,and soon they were ready for the airport,but not before they sat down,and put on their favorite shoes,their silk JazzEwalkers with the three buttons on the side.Finally the woodrats had finish packing,and now they were off to the airport.And once the woodrats had reached the airport,they went to check their luggage,their names were engraved on their luggage,so it would be easier to spot in the baggage claims department.
So after about an hour of waiting,the woodrats were finally on their way.This was not the first time,the woodrats were ever on a plane,they had ridden the Golden Eagle,a many of times,and they always reached their destination,safely.So at last they were on the plane,and in their seats.Then the stewardes came by and gave them some refreshments.And then the strangest thing began to happen to the woodrats,they too started scratching,and like Chatty the cat they couldn't stop
scratching ither.Then the other passengers,began to wonder whatwas wrong?And why was the woodrats doing all that scratching.Some of the passengers began to complain,some of the passengers was wondering,was the scratching contagious?Finally some of the passengers,started to suggest,that the woodrats,would be better off,riding in the baggage compartment,for the rest of the trip.Sadely Enie,Menie,Miney,and Moe,were forced to ride in the baggage compartment for the rest of the trip.
Time went by,and finally the plane landed safely,the woodrats were let out of the baggage compartments,and they entered into the airport.The other passengers, started to point at the woodrats,and everybody was laughing at them,but the woodrats were so busy,trying to get their luggage,until they never noticed,that they had no hair on their backpockets,although it was a little cool on their backpockets,they never thought,it was because,they had no hair back there,the woodrats thought
it might be from the changeing of the weather.So after a little while of waiting,the woodrats finally got their luggage,then they were off to find a cab,and before they knew it,they were in a cab,and on their way to Cartoon World,where they will see their favorite star in person,Cocoa the mouse.But while the woodrats were riding in the cab,the cabdriver who was a squirrel named To-To,noticed how the woodrats were scratching,by this time the scratching had gotten worse,and when To-To
the cabdriver,looked in the review mirrow,and saw one of the woodrats,with his foot up in the air,and he was scratching like no tomorrow.And To-To,the cabdriver,to stay on the safe side,always carried a spray gun,to rid his cab of all unwanted smells,and whatever wasn't nice.One day To-To picked up Sergio the skunk,and when he dropped Sergio the skunk off at his destination,he had to fumugate his cab,because of the smell,he also used the spray gun,but To-To's cab has never been the same,since he picked up that skunk.
Everytime someone get into the cab,they would give To-To this nasty look,and wouldn't tip him one dime.At last the woodrats had reached Cartoon World they got out the cab,paid the driver,and went into the Animal Bed & Breakfast Hotel,as the woodrats walked up to the desk,they couldn't talk for scratching,and finally they had gotten everybodys attention,then the desk clerk,who was a pittbull named Preacher,started to ask the woodrats,why were they doing all that scratching?And the woodrats replied by saying,it might
be from an allergic reation from something they had eaten on the plane.Since all the woodrats hair was disappearing,Preacher the pittbull,decided,he would call the Vet,and in a flash,the emergency wagon had arrived,to pick them up,and carry them to the hospital.When the doctor saw the woodrats,he knew right away,what their problem was.So right away the woodrats,were put in separate places,from the other patients.As soon as the woodrats were in their rooms,the doctor sent them to Xrays,just as I thought said,the doctor,whats wrong?
Asked the woodrats,well....I'm sorry to tell you guys,that you all have a touch of a disease called,the Red Manze,and right away they were put into quantine,because,the disease that the woodrats had,was very contagious.Where did you pick up such a terrible disease?Asked the doctor,I think we got it from our friend,Chatty the cat,from back home.Oh dear replied the doctor,when you get back home,you must wash everything down,with some sort of germ free liquid,Wipe All would do just fine replied,the doctor.But most of all,stay away from your friend,
Chatty the cat,until she see her family doctor,because what you have guys is very contagious,and because it's contagious,I'm going to have to keep you guys here,for at least week.A week!yelled the woodrats,oh no! Doctor we couldn't stay a week!If we stayed in the hospital for a week!Our trip would have been for nothing,yelled the woodrats.Well I'm sorry,I can't let you leave,replied the doctor,and that's final.The woodrats were so upset,to come all the way,to Cartoon World,and not see their favorite star,Cocoa,the mouse,seems so unfair.The woodrats,
were so upset until their blood pressures went up.The Doctor had to give them something to quiet them down.Some of the volunteers that worked at the hospital,decided that this was a job for them.So after work,the volunteer staff,that worked at the hospital had a meeting,because they hated to see the woodrats,so unhappy.So at the meeting,Preacher the pittbull,who was also a volunteer worker at the hospital,had the floor,and Preacher the pittbull,said to the other workers,I have an idea,we're listening,replied the other workers,this what we will do,we
will go and see,if we can get Cocoa the mouse,to come to the hospital,and visit the woodrats,that's a swell idea,agreed the other workers,so thats what they did.So the next day,they agreed,to talk it over with the Hospital Administrator and get her permission,which she so happily everyone agreed,that Preacher would be the one to do the asking,since it was his idea in the first place.So the next day Preacher the pittbull,went to talk to Mr.Burrows World,to see if he could get,Cocoa the mouse to come to Animal Memorial,to visit the woodrats,and Mr.World
agreed,to talk to Cocoa the mouse.So the very same day,Cocoa the mouse,came into Mr.Worlds office,and Mr.World comfronted him,by asking him,would he donate some of his time,to the Animal Memorial Hospital,to visit the woodrats,and he said he would.So Mr.World got in touch with the Hospital Administrator,and got everything sat up for Cocoa the mouse's visit.To prepare for Cocoa the mouse's visit the hospital staff moved,the woodrats into a larger room,the woodrats were thinking to themselves,what on earth is going on?If they just only knew.So the next day the
woodrats were in for a surprise.Finally the next day had arrived,and Cocoa the mouse had come up with a little surprise of his own.When the Doctor would come in to visit the woodrats,he would be wearing a mask,So when Cocoa the mouse arrived at the hospital,he was right on schedule,he went straight into the woodrats room,but the woodrats didn't reconize him,because Cocoa the mouse?He too was wearing a mask.But the color of his hair was differant.The woodrats wanted to know right away,where was their regular doctor?So the next thing Cocoa the mouse did was to
removed the mask,and when the woodrats realized,that Cocoa the mouse was in the room,and that he had made a special visit to see them?The woodrats were speechless,they couldn't say a word,all they could do was mumble.Then Cocoa the mouse said he understood,with all the excitement and everything.So after Cocoa the mouse had finished visiting the woodrats,it was time for him to go.So Cocoa the mouse said his goodbyye's,off to Cartoon World he went.All the woodrats could say,was Wow!Because we were sick,and wern't able to go to Cartoon World,Cocoa the mouse came to us,
and guys,he is Cartoon World,all by himself,said Moe,how right you are!said the other woodrats.The next day the woodrats were being released,from the hospital,and soon to return home,and they were so happy,because their trip was a sucess after all.
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