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Everyday i sit and think of you.Not a day goes by that i dont think of you.
You were so special.i dont know how to express it.Everynight i cry before
i go to bed .Cry for you .You were like a beautiful angel to me.When
you were around i could not talk i could not deal with that insane feeling.
When i heard your voice.When you were there i could just feel you.Once i
felt you here near me thought u were some place close by.Your love your pull
ur strong vibe.That feeling.For you i would give heaven up.I would give my everything
just to be with you.Just once to be in your arms.Just once to look
into your eyes.Touch your face.Hear you.Put my hand gently in your hands.
Just once to be in your arms i would give up heaven thats how much i love
you and believe in you.Just once want to know how you smell.Just once look
into your eyes.When you hold me if we ever meet or you kiss me gently
you might see tears rolling down my face.Everynight i cry to be with
you.Everynight and everyday i think of you.Your all i ever need and all i ever want.
Feel like i'm made for you and your made for me.Where are you??who are you??
Why do i feel this way about you??You watch me i know??Everytime you around
i can feel u feel the pain in you.Why the pain ??Why are you so sad??
You can fool everyone but i can feel you.I know your there.Who are you??
Why do i feel this strongly about you??Why do i feel so in love??Why do
i feel you??Why do i sense your fears??Why do i feel your holding me
even though your so far away??Why do i feel like you feel me exactly like
how i feel you??Why do i feel like your around and i know you are??
When your around i feel like i'm in heaven so peaceful.I want to say so
much to you but nothing comes out.Why could i not tell you everything??
WHY ??WHY?? WHY?????????????????
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