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THE HOUSE OF MYSTERY Every year on Halloween the town of Rocky Shores throws its annual spooks fair and this year was the best so far. According to Cookie and her friends as they walked around the fair grounds Hey let’s check out Mr. Pitt’s haunted house Tommy the tiger cub told them I heard it’s really scary! No way! If you guys want to go I’ll wait for you out here Sammy the turtle answered him Oh Sammy don’t be such a chicken head I’m sure the girls will protect you from the big old scary ghost! Tommy teased. A few minutes later they were waiting on line to go inside. Sammy looked at a piece of wood that was nailed onto an old willow tree that read in bloody letters WELCOM IF YOU DARE! Oh great! Sammy thought to himself as he slowly walked passed a big spooky scare crow that was standing by the front gate. It suddenly swung out its arms and in a spooky tone of voice it yelled out BOO! Causing Sammy to nearly jump out of his shell. Cookie rubbed her paw on Sammy’s head Relax Sammy none of this is real it’s just a bunch of rigged up dummies made out to scare you They walked onto the porch and Vicky the dragonfly rang the doorbell the door made a loud squeaking noise as it opened Good evening! A deep voice cried out Is this place really scary? Sammy asked as he gave him his ticket to the old dog. Who was sitting in a rocking chair on the porch Trust me my young child you’ll get what you paid for! He laughed. And before Sammy could ask him what he meant by that Tommy pulled him inside the dimly lit room. They were some spooky pictures hanging upside down on the walls and a big giant spider web hanging from the ceiling Okay Sammy just remember what Cookie told you this is all fake he silently mumbled to himself. As they followed a gory sign that read FOLLOW ME Seconds later a headless mummy popped out of nowhere swinging his ax just missing Sammy’s head by inches. And even though they all could see that the blade was made out of rubber that didn’t stop Sammy from letting out a horrifying scream. Before he took off running towards the nearest exit Hey Sammy! Wait up! Cookie cried out as she ran after him And she’s supposed to be the brave one! Daisy the penguin laughed I wonder if they’ll be coming back. Vicky asked Nah! Tommy was cut off as a pair of hands broke through the walls and tried to grab him Now that was priceless! You should’ve seen the look on your face! Daisy yelled Yah, yah very funny! A few more later they reached the end of the tour a pale looking giant walked over towards them and said Way to go kids! None of the other kids have ever made it this far! He then reached inside a plastic pumpkin and handed each of them a bag full of candy When they walked outside they met Cookie and Sammy by the exit gate Look what we got! Tommy cried out holding up his goody bag Hey way to go! You made it through a fake haunted house but I bet there’s one house you won’t last five minutes in Sammy smirked Oh yah where? Tommy smirked back The old havens house The what house? Cookie frowned You guys never heard the rumors about the havens place? No The story goes that bout a hundred years an old couple live in the havens house. They were very worthy and were well known for their kindness and holiday parties. It seemed that they were very much deeply in loved and loved by the whole town so it was a great shocked when one night when the cops arrested Mr. Havens for murdering his wife Oh wow! If he loved her so much why did he kill her? Daisy asked To this day no one really knows some says that he just snapped others say that he fell in love with someone else. But was afraid that if he divorced her she would take all his money So he killed her? Did he ever say the real reason why he did it? Vicky asked No one knows cause he died mysteries before he ever got a chance to say why he did it Sammy shrugged So what I bet there are about a million towns with the same kind of stories. What’s so special about this one? Tommy asked frowning Cause according to my brother the havens house is the most haunted house in Rocky Shores Sammy began he told me of how one night a couple of kids broke inside And? Vicky asked And nobody knows what happened my brother said that they were never seen again. That the spirit of Mrs. Havens took them Oh please give me a break Sammy. Tommy smirked Well if she didn’t get them what happened to them? Sammy frowned I don’t know maybe Casper hid them some place! Tommy laughed face it Sammy your brother just made that stupid story up just to scare you Oh yah then prove it Sammy smirked What? You heard me I bet that you won’t last two minutes inside that place Sammy repeated Oh really and what do I get when I prove you wrong? Tommy grinned I’ll give you my video game the one that you keep bothering me to borrow. I’ll give you the gun shooter game to keep forever if you win. And if I win you’ll have to give up one of your favorite video games Sammy stated do we have a deal? Deal Tommy answered giving him his paw to shake Three days later they headed out towards the old Havens place beyond the woods Are you sure you guys want to go through with this? Vicky asked staring at the house Yah both Tommy and Sammy answered Okay then we’ll wait for you out here and whoever comes out first loses Vicky explained What do you mean we’ll wait out here we’re going in with them Cookie added Why? I didn’t make any stupid bet Vicky frowned Oh don’t be such a wimp Vicky besides Tommy isn’t the only one who doesn’t think this place is haunted Cookie shrugged They all sneaked in through a broken window by the back door once they were inside. They noticed some dry red spots on the floor Is that what I think it is? Sammy nervously asked shining his flashlight on it. A noise coming from the next room interrupted What is that noise? Cookie asked I don’t know and I don’t want to know Sammy muttered before hiding his head inside his shell You girls wait here we’ll go and check it out come on Sammy, Tommy said before he wondered off Umm Tommy don’t you think we should stay together hey Tommy where did he go? Sammy asked Don’t know he was here a second ago Cookie shrugged Huddled close together they walked into the dining room Hey Tommy are you in here? Cookie cried out. Tommy’s screams interrupted her they ran down the hall and into the room in where the screams came from Hey Tommy are you okay? But instead of answering her he just kept screaming It took them a few seconds before they finally saw what Tommy was so scared of hiding within the shadows of the room was a ghostly old woman with bloody fangs hanging out of her mouth. They all ran back down the hall and out the broken window and they didn’t stop running until they got back to Cookie’s house I told you! I told you that the place was haunted! Sammy proudly cried out once they were inside of Cookie’s back yard So pay up! Don’t be such a cheater Sammy the beat wasn’t for you to prove if the house was haunted or not. It was to see who would run out first and since we all ran out at the same time. None of you guys won Daisy answered I think that we should go back Cookie added What! Are you nuts did you see the fangs on that thing! Sammy exclaimed Sammy there’s no such thing as ghost besides my gut tells me that there’s something weird going on inside that house. And that something has nothing to do with Mrs. Haven’s ghost Cookie exclaimed They went back the next day right after school once inside they started searching every room Oh wow! What do we’ve here? Cookie asked as they looked round the basement. There were boxes filled with a bunch of spooky stuff but the most interesting thing in the room. Was a witch’s costume that looked exactly like the one that they’ve seen the day before I knew it! See Sammy there’s your ghost! Cookie cried out Hey what are you kids doing in here! An angry voice yelled from up of the stairs. For a moment none of them spoke as the sound of footsteps came closer The question is what are you doing in here? Cookie frowned That’s none of your business! The bear growled showing his teeth Hey wait! It was you! Daisy suddenly cried out I know those teeth anywhere! What? You’re the one who have been scaring every one away from this house why? She added Little one you don’t know what you’re talking about now I want you nosey kids out of my house right now! The bear yelled Your house? This isn’t your house nobody has lived here for years Vicky frowned Well it used to be a long time ago this house used to belong to my grandmother until she died. And since my dad couldn’t offered to make the payments the bank took it over the bear started to explain I’m sorry to hear about your grandma but that still doesn’t explain why you don’t want anyone to come in here Cookie told him Ever since I was a young cub all my daddy could talk about is how my grandma didn’t trust banks with her money. So she hid it somewhere inside this house and never told anyone where so my father didn’t want anyone to move in and find it so he started the rumors of it being haunted. A year later he died from a heart attack and that’s when I took over but I’ve been so busy trying to keep everyone away. That I never have a chance to look for her money I don’t want to hurt anybody. All I want is to be left alone in peace and find my grandma’s money so I can pay off the bank and make this place a home again the bear answered We can help you look for it! Cookie told him That’s very nice of you young pup but— No really it won’t be any problem Cookie interrupted we promise to keep your secret safe Umm well if you really don’t mind I could sure use all the help that I can get the bear shrugged Two days later they found his grandma’s money it was hidden inside the wall of one of the upstairs bathroom behind the toilet And as a reward for help finding it the bear not only did he treat them to all the ice cream that they can eat. But every Halloween he would turn the Havens house into the best haunted house in the whole town of Rocky Shores Copyrights © belong to jaci 2006

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