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Lakeland High Charter school ?

Lakeland high school might go charter. Harrison the school of arts brought it up in April. This changes the schools learning process, parents and students are concerned about education. The news is Lakeland high school might take a big change and go charter. The idea all began with Harrison the school of arts, which wanted to become an independent public school. The school began to look in to information about the conversion charter process, this also triggered an idea in Lakeland high school, staff and community members thought it would also be great to join the conversion charter process. The two schools believe that they should remain unified to help give their students the best educational learning possible. The changing to charter would bring many great benefits to both schools. Some of the benefits such as the two schools are looking at are becoming their own independent public schools meaning they will operate differently from any other Polk county school, as I stated earlier. Being a charter school means that their free from the traditional bureaucracy and regulations that other school go through. This also this will provide a better educational learning process and also provide many educational choices for their students. With these great benefits come challenges as well. If Lakeland and Harrison do take on the rolls of being charter they also will be held responsible for many things. The schools services that were provided by the school will now become their own responsibilities, things such as transportation and the staffs payroll.

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