From Totally Dirty to Totally Clean | By: Dorsey Baker | | Category: Short Story - Introspective Bookmark and Share

From Totally Dirty to Totally Clean

Harold says, "Really trying to get myself clean, you know!" Harold wants to stop hanging around the same old dirty places and with same old dirty people he is getting high with!

Harold says,"I want to find a job and get off these dirty streets, these old streets seem to be getting meaner by the minute!"

Harold will stay clean for a month or two before he starts using again!  Mainly because he keeps hanging out with the same old dirty people in the same old dirty places!  He won't allow himself to change the places where he hangs out or the people he hangs out with!

Then one morninng he is awakened by his telephone, two of his best friends were just arrested and charged with attempted robbery and possession of illegal drugs!

After digesting this information,Harold makes the determination to permanently stop using and stay clean!

he is not going to allow himself to let the streets take him out!

He is fully aware of the likelyhood of sudden death or life imprisonment!

He is ready to experience the empowerment  of going from totally dirty to totally clean!

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