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Couple Survives Marital Problems

© 2012 Stan and Sue were happily married. They met while both were high school seniors and quickly became inseparable. The couple dated through their college years, and during their sophomore year of college, Stan asked Sue to marry him. “I will always love you,” he promised her. After graduating from college, Stan and Sue were married. As a symbol of their promise to love each other with an undying commitment, Sue’s wedding gown was liberally decorated with red Valentine hearts, as was Stan’s tuxedo. For 10 years, the marriage experienced few bumps in the road of life. The couple was blessed with two daughters, Samantha and Sandra, and one son, Samuel. Sue owned and operated a successful women’s clothing store, while Stan published a popular Christian newspaper. Satan took notice of the joy-filled marriage, and he determined to dissolve the union. “I don’t like to see any marriage bring so much glory to the Lord Jesus Christ,” Lucifer complained to Sordid, one of hell’s most selfish imps. “Sordid, I want you to attack this couple with every weapon in your arsenal!,” Satan demanded. “And be sure to use huge helpings of fear and distrust!” “Of course, Your Honor, Your Highness and Your Majesty!,” agreed Sordid, who had learned one of the best ways to impress his boss was to glowingly praise him. By the next day, Sordid had planted seeds of distrust in Sue’s mind about Stan. Sue didn’t realize she could resist those thoughts and dismiss them from her mind. She became obsessed by the thoughts and, even though Stan continuously reassured her that he was faithful to her, Sue refused to believe him. Sordid placed thoughts of fear in Stan’s mind. “Why is Sue acting this way?,” Stan asked himself. “I’m afraid Sue doesn’t love me anymore.” Stan began to pray and call upon God to restore peace and stability to their home. Within days, a peace that surpassed all of Stan’s understanding filled the couple’s home. Walls of communication, which had broken down, were re-built and the couple asked Jesus Christ to be the Lord of their marriage. Stan and Sue began praying and reading the Bible together. One evening after their Bible study, Stan and Sue were watching television before going to bed. “I love you more than ever,” Stan whispered in Sue’s ear. “I love you more than ever, too,” Sue beamed. “We just had to take charge of the situation and let the devil know he’s not the boss.” “That’s right,” said Stan. “And His name is Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, today and forever.” “It’s a shame that married couples who are having problems don’t realize that they are in a spiritual battle with Satan and not in a war with each other,” said Sue. “I agree,” said Stan. “I think it is so sordid!” To contact the writer of this column about speaking engagements (including Christian Comedy Fundraisers) and/or puppet ministry, email [email protected].

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