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The Stolen Thief

Chapter 1

"Everyone, quiet!" barked the headmaster "You are here for a reason, something  devastating has happened!" 

At once all the children in the assembly hall turned round and stared at the headmaster. The thing that he had said had made them curious. 

"What happened sir?" asked a little boy called Jo

"Shut up Jo, that was what I was going to say some money from the the school treasures had disappeared." the headmaster Mr. Wilmac continued "And I am here to ask the person who might be in here, if they know who took it or took it themselves."  Once his words had sunk into them all of them gulped except a few children sitting at the back.

"Will you please tell me or the police will be called in, you have only till lunchtime!" he carried on.

Then again everyone gulped even the children at the back.


All the talking once they were all out of the assembly hall was what had happened.

Even the teachers were also talking about it instead of doing the teaching. 

Meanwhile the headmaster went to his office sat there and thought of the people that might be the ones. He got a few and wrote them down:

Might be 

1. Bradley McIver

2. Lewis Shovere

3. Anderson McLane

4. Justin Lièvre

5. Mindie Malone

6. Lowe McDonald

7. Shaun Dawnsder

8. Larry Dunde

9. Michael Frogsir

10. Rockxie Long 

"Knock, Knock!" banged the door.

"Come in !" replied the headmaster.

No-one came in the headmaster shouted louder "COME IN NOW!" still know one came in. The headmaster crept of his chair and walked to the door. He opened it and walked down the corridor.

Meanwhile a boy with ginger hair up to his ears came in. He had blue peircing eyes he had come for something. He looked around the room. His eyes fell on what the headmaster was doing. He quickly scanned the sheet and saw his name on the list.

He got a peice of crumpled paper which said: 


Quietly the boy crept out.



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