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Let Him Respect You

Let him respect you

This one is for the ladies
This one goes out to you
My sisters
If a man does not respect you
He does not love you
If he hits you
Hurt you
Or abuse you in any way
He does not love you
If a man says he love you and he cheats on you
He does not respect you
If a man drinks
Or gambles despite how it makes you feel
Regardless if he knows that it hurts you
Not only does he not love and respect you
He does not love or respect himself
And a man without self-respect is nothing

If a man spends his money and leave you broke and hungry
His shorty got no clothes
Then he does not love and respect you
There is no relationship outside of respect
A man will do a lot of things
He may not even like you
But if he respects you
He will not give play to your girlfriend in your face
Or behind your back
He will not tell his boys he is using you
The will not brag that its cool for them to make a play for you
He will not run trains on you
Or ask you to do an orgy
Ladies! I implore you
Demand nothing less
You are the keeper of the lock between your legs
And the door to your heart
Do not settle for incompetence
And dishonesty
Let him know you have to trust him
That there must be only you
You may not have control over him
But you have control over you

Let him prove he is worthy of your grace
Let him earn his right to touch you
Let him adore you with love so precious that a stranger can tell you hold his heart
Let him respect you
Because without it
You have nothing
You will be nothing___________ to him
You will loose yourself in disgrace and shame
Donít do it beautiful sister
Donít let a man
Any man
No matter what color he is
Or how much money he has
Or how big a joint he sports in his pants
You are everything he should hold dear
If he does not respect you
Let him go
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