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Lost Light


No more lies or hate because I finally see it, the light.


  "Wait!" I cry but it doesn't listen, because the light is dimming and I am slipping back into sub-consciousness as the docters examine me.

   My eyes lay blank as they begin to notice what I am ... A broken, terrified little girl. They shine lights in my face, whisper in my ear it's okay even though I know and they know it is not okay. The only one that understands me is the tall,copper-skinned lady named Mrs.Welkersin.

   "You're broken, baby"she tells me and I smile which always throws her off.

     "I know" I smiled and then back to dosed to sleep.



        I still rememeber that white hospital room, but can't remember anything else besides the light and that mysterious lady who took care of me. Was I in a car accident or was it on purpose? Who knows because time moves on, and once it is gone, it's gone.

        So as I try to forget, the darkness hangs over me. Will I ever find this curse that's been toying with me?

 To Be Continued

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