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It`s market day today

Fresh eggs, chickens , bales of hay

Make their way to market stalls

Raised on cobbled stony floors

Ma Blunket at her bric a brac stall

And soon her voice begins to roar

come buy my fine and dainty wares

Iv`e Albert Royal and Worcestershire

The meat stands run by butcher Jack

with shorn off gloves and filfhy mac

He sells all things from beef to lamb

Pigs trotters , giblets, different hams

And then there`s Mrs Ida Lee

who makes scones and pots of tea

Victoria sponges plumped with jam

Lemon tarts and cream meringues

Madame Rosa`s fortune stall

Has rabbits feet and crystal balls

with silken scarves draped round her head

she tells of future joys and dread

Lady Lucy of the night

sells mauve and scarlet ribbons bright

silk bloomers, corsets, garter belts

Lace petticoats and gloves of felt

Lu`s father has a silver stand

Rugged chap with thrifty hands

Iv`e seen that snuff box once before

on Lady Hamilton`s chest of drawers !

Then Shirley has a flower stall

clothed in rags and thread bare shawl

shivering in the cold of day

she tries to sell her sweet bouquets

pansies, violets, Lilacs blue

Roses , Daisies, Lillies too

Sir buy some flowers for your girl

Give half a crown to poor old Shirl

whilst on this morning , dressed in white

Fair maidens dance in pure delight

To music played with flute and drum

Performed By Willand Seth his son

They twirl around a May pole tall

Sip and dance quite enthralled

And paint a rainbow way up high

with coloured streamers in the sky

And while this joy is carrying on

Skilled pick pockets are having fun

They steal a watch a pocket knife

A trinket,tart or apple ripe

Stall holders seeing what they`ve done

Take up the chase as off they run

Intent to catch those little thieves

with shoeless feet and blackened knees

Apart from little crafty ones

There´s other troubles going on

A sows escaped from Jethros stand

And eaten Ida`s cream meringues

And while big Jethro`s in persuit

His finest rooster takes to route

He`s landed on Ma Blunkets`stall

And knocked six teapots to the floor

Then Madame Rosas`cat creeps in

Amongst this awful raucus din

Kit grabs the rooster from behind

spitting feathers as she dines

Mas' Great Dane Sven then frees his lead

And joins the riotus stampede

He runs with utmost haste to Jacks`

stealing sausages from the racks

Then on his way back home to Ma

He grabs a pair of silk bloomers

Trampling over Shirleys`stock

Squashing Pinks and Holly- Hocks

Lucies`Pa then starts a brawl

Chock full of gin he trips and falls

And lands on Idas `prime sponge cake

and several ginger buns she`s baked

But life here has to carry on

It`s rough hard toil and not all fun

These people have to live and eat

Children to clothe and ends to meet

As sunset falls upon this stage

The stall keepers calm down their rage

It`s surely time to make amends

Aong such true and honest friends

They pack their treasures safe away

Until next Mondays`market day

And load their wares on horse and carts

Wave last goodbyes and then depart

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