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Eros Attack

Do I love you?
I do love you
But what is love in the scheme of things?
Do you think love is everything?
Is it some magical cure for all humanity's suffering?
Sometimes I think I really do love you and that love is all we need
But then again think that love is just a pathetic attempt to idealize lust
And when I look at your sweat covered body I feel an immortal desire
Your flesh has the beauty of a Roman sculpture
The beauty of a Ruben's masterpiece
The beauty of an ad in a high-gloss magazine
For your beauty wars were fought
Great cities were built from nothing
For your beauty the atom was split
And the H-bomb released its cataclysmic fury on all of mankind
Should I say 'I love you?'
I do
But there are a billion other perfect forms
Should I repackage sex?
Would it better hold my interest?
Was is Jesus Christ said 'be fruitful and multiply?'
2000 years later condoms are sold at convenience stores
On disco floors your statistically projected orgasms send stock prices skyrocketing
Starting at birth human child is conditioned to think of love as the ultimate end
The love propaganda is everywhere
It permeates every medium and underlies every moment
I know the dogma
I woman is a vessel
A man must be strong
But in this world of love
Sex is the ultimate commodity
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