wonderment | By: richard hillman | | Category: Short Story - Introspective Bookmark and Share




I am revealing a picture from the absence of understanding and the vague memeorey of events that have shapped the words and wonders of an unknown reson for exsistance. Escaped through the doors of continuing relief of my own welcomed death. I have amassed memories from which I do not understand the reason of thy own experience. The fogged memory of light whispes like a fruitfal fragrence and warmth of day through the sadness like it has some reason for escapeing perril. I clense in the pure waters of hope and prayer beside the boot heals of doom guided by the influense of nature and besheached by death. I fear not my love of foreverness or the truth of strife as I swim through the turbulent waters deep and cold and dark. Guided by the one and only thought and wonderment of why.


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