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Jealousy is dangerous...

Jealousy is dangerous

 You might never even hear anyone saying jealousy is dangerous, but when you read my story you will know how dangerous jealousy is.

Suha and Luha’s story.

         Shuha and Luha, 14 year old girls were sitting on the living room couch, watching TV. But shuha was not exactly watching TV, she was starring at Luha and gritting her teeth. Shuha was very jealous because Luha’s hair was much prettier than hers.

        Shuha and Luha were twins, but not identical. They do not look that alike. Luha had straight brown hair. Shuha had curly black hair. Luha always tried to be nice to shuha but most of the time Luha ignored her sister.

        Shuha and Luha slept in the same bedroom, but they had a curtain between Shuha bed and Luha’s bed. It’s kind of like different rooms, but its not.

        Their mother was always angry with shuha because, her room was so dirty. Candy wrappers were thrown on the floor. Clothes pillows and even towels were everywhere. But Luha’s room was always so clean and tidy. Luha keeps everything of hers clean and in order.

        Shuha was not very pretty. She was not pretty at all. She had dark skin, bushy eyebrows, curly black hair, fat black lips, a flat nose and wide set eyes. Luha was almost completely opposite of shuha. She was really pretty. She had fair skin, thin eyebrows, straight brown hair, thin red lips, a normal nose and normal set eyes. They were twins but exactly nothing alike.

       One day when Luha was in the kitchen, helping her mother. Shuha slowly crept into Luha’s side of bedroom. She went near Luha’s bed and slowly took Luha’s secret journal from under the pillow. She opened to the first page and quietly read it. She was so angry; she threw the journal on the floor and stepped on it. And took it and kept it under Luha’s bed and went to her own side of the room. Shuha was so angry she decided to get revenge. Shuha never knew that her big time crush Taylor was Luha’s boyfriend. Shuha had a major crush on Taylor starting from age of nine. But Taylor was Luha’s boyfriend starting from the age of ten.

       That night shuha made sure Luha and their mother were sleeping, and went to the kitchen. She took the sharpest knife, and went to Shuha room. She crept very close to the bed, and rose the knife up in the air and put it in Luha’s head. Twice. Then when she was sure that she’s died, she kept the knife on Luha’s bed. And went to her room. She was very happy.

       Next morning, when shuha woke up. The police was in Luha’s side of room. Suddenly shuha started to panic. She did not want to get caught…

       After an hour, the police went in shuha’s side of room, and shuha was found dead, dangling from the fan, with a blanket tied on her neck. But there was something both the girls did not know, that there was a hidden camera in both the rooms. The police checked the camera and knew how both girls died. 

        So I hope now you have understood how dangerous jealousy is. And did you know that killing people is a really bad thing? And committing suicide is jumping into hell? So take my advice and never do anything like this. Choose friendship and peace instead.  




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