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God Promises Woman Thanksgiving Day Baby


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Robin was the proud mother of two precious daughters, Sparrow, 3, and Wren, 1.
“I want to have a large family,” Robin told Cardinal, her husband.
“So do I, Dear,” Cardinal replied. “How many children would you like to have?”
“At least three daughters and three sons,” Robin said. “And I have some good news. We’re going to have a Thanksgiving Day baby.”
“Thanskgiving Day is only about three weeks away,” said Cardinal. “Why did you wait so long to tell me?”
“Oh, we’re not having a Thanksgiving Day baby this year,” said Robin. “An angel of the Lord appeared to me last night in a dream. He said we’re going to have the baby on Thanksgiving Day of next year.”
“Will the baby be a boy or a girl?,” asked Cardinal.
“The Lord said we will find out from the ultrasound,” said Robin.
“But the Lord is only promising us one baby next Thanksgiving, right?,” asked Cardinal. “I mean we’re not going to have twins or triplets, are we?”
Robin smiled, “No, Dear. God said we would have a baby next year. A baby would be one baby, right? I do believe the Lord knows how to count, Sweetheart.”
“I’m sure God knows how to count,” Cardinal acknowledged. “But you do remember last year when our friend, Oriole, was expecting only one baby, but she was surprised by twins.”
“That’s true,” Robin said. “But God didn’t send an angel to tell her she was going to bear only one child either.”
“Why don’t we go ahead and select a name for the baby?,” asked Cardinal. “We named our daughters, Sparrow and Wren. My name is Cardinal and your name is Robin. Why don’t we go ahead and select several bird-sounding names, because no matter how many children we have, the names will be appropriate, whether they are boys or girls.”
“Wonderful idea,” Robin said.
“We’ll each select three names,” said Cardinal. “That would give us eight children, and I don’t think God will give us more than eight kids.
“Go ahead and choose your names first, Honey.”
“For my three names, I choose Lark, Nightingale, and Heron,” Robin said.
“Wow, that was quick,” Cardinal complimented his wife. “Now if you will excuse me for a few minutes, I’ll be right back.”
About 10 minutes later, Cardinal returned. “I have my three names,” he beamed. “They are Dove, Raven and Eagle.”
“Where did you go?,” Robin asked.
“I don’t know as much about birds as you,” Cardinal admitted. “So I needed to do a quick Internet search before I could give you my choice of names!”
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