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The Rose

                 The Rose

        By Rebecca Lynn Nowell


Hello my name is Ella I'm a lady-in-waiting for Elizabeth the first. I will tell you Elizabeth's story. The Princess Elizabeth  is very upset, her father Henry is very sick. Elizabeth's half sister Mary is very mean because her father did not love her mother. Then Henry sent Mary's mother away. Since Mary's mom was gone forever he married Anne Boleyn, Elizabeth's mom. But he did not like her so she was beheaded. Ok enough of that.

I just got news that King Henry VIII is dead, Prince Edward is king. Oh it shall be fun to have a boy king. Back in the servants' rooms everybody was talking about the king. "Oh what will we do with a boy king", one maid said. "I do not know', said another."I wish King Henry was still alive and I heard that King Edward is very sick", I said. King Edward has tuberculosis. Oh my King Ed is dying! He is dead.

Mary is queen, oh my that will be horrible. Queen Mary shall be named Bloody Mary, the reason I will not tell. My lady Elizabeth was just sent to London Tower!!!!!!!! Oh how I hate Bloody Mary, she is evil .

I wonder how Elizabeth is???? I'm not allowed to say who I am. Bloody Mary is dead. Oh joy I'm so happy, My lady Elizabeth will come home!!!!! There is joy in the place, everybody's so happy!!

 Elizabeth just told me she will not marry. I have not heard of a unmarried Queen before now. I wonder if she will change her mind?? My lady has just came home from the tower.

"We have a new queen" a maid said. My queen will  never get married. It is so sad. Everybody thinks she should get married. But she says NO. She told me she does not like anybody. Which is okay with me. I like her the way she is pretty, smart, and charming. I bet she will make a great queen.

The crazy Spanish Navy is coming. "Oh what will we do Queen Elizabeth??" "We will kill them, that's what we will do". The Spanish are VERY CRAZY!!!!! "On to the port my men", Elizabeth called. That day we killed the Spanish Navy, it was very fun!! The Spanish were very mad, but we all were happy. Elizabeth told them to leave right away, and so they did. It was so FUNNY to watch them flee across the sea. as if they were fish. It was funny. The whole place was so happy. There were parties all day and night.  Elizabeth was the best queen England has ever had. She died at the age of 80 years old.

                                             THE   END

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