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Right Here

A man sitting at a service station waiting for his car to be towed home wanders why everything went wrong in the past couple of years. Why had his mother past away? Why had his wife died in a car accident? Why did my car's engine blow up on the highway and is sitting twenty feet from him?
Why had God been during this time? Where was He?
"Where was you when I needed you the most?" said the man.
He repeated the things that had happened to God.
A voice came back saying, "I never left you. I was right here the entire time."
The man looked to see if any one was sitting next to him. the seat beside him was empty.
"When your mother died I was standing next to you. I tried to comfort you but you refused it. I reached my hand out several times to help you when you fell. Your hand didn't come back. I was wanting you to talk to me. Yet, you never did. You stopped praying to me. I enjoyed the talks that we had. We had good fellowship."
"When your wife died I was there. I met her in Heaven. You'll meet her again someday. You went to drinking when this happened. I was there waiting for you to come back to me. Amongst the drunkeness I still saw a light within you shine. It was very faint. However, you kept on pushing it away when it would try to resurface. I was there picking you up cause you had fallen. I was there like a friend."
"When your car died. I was there when you was yelling curse words at your car. I was there when you pushed it. I helped you when you needed to push the car to the service station. You said, 'God help me push this car to the station down the road.' I was there helping."
"My son I never left you. I was..."
"Right here," the man said through tears.
He kneeled on the ground and asked God to forgive him for ever doubting him and for running away.
The man stood up. "I'm glad you never left me, Jesus."

Author's Note

Whatever happens in life or what trials and tribulations that we may go through. When we think God has left us stranded, He never left. He is there all the time. He is just waiting to for us to go back to Him.
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