Dream Stalking | By: H Frank Vaile | | Category: Poem - Dark Bookmark and Share

Dream Stalking

Mist warping the bright light from her windows
Lured someone evil from the shadows.
He slithered between the mist-blurred moonlight.
Clad in the dark black costume of night.

What brought me to look is a mystery,
But there was something I had to see.
Peering down upon the surreal gray scene,
Like the graveyard it seemed quite serene.

But then I noticed the ogre below.
Staring at the lady's bright mist glow.
I hustled down and ran out the front door.
"Leave here!" I said and ran a bit more.

But taking me completely by surprise,
Was what I beheld with weary eyes.
I saw no mist and no bright window light.
No moon, no evil, only the night.
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