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When Tomorrow Comes Wanting

Floating gently along in a time bubble
His focus was drawn to the past.
Some things remained whole and some were in rubble
And the image was fading fast.

The shadows were growing longer and longer.
Some things were fading out of sight.
He hoped tomorrow’s image would be stronger.
He could see more if it was bright.

To answer those concerns he turned around
To be engulfed by what he saw.
Orange-yellow hues painted the sky and the ground.
He stood looking in total awe.

Then he noticed the colors fading away.
Darkness became his enemy.
He looked to the present to find how to stay
But only found what he could see.

Orange-sherbet tinted clouds floated in the sky,
Now tie-dyed by time not yet here.
He saw words in the clouds “don’t quit, just try”,
To him they were extremely clear.

He remembers it now as if now was then
Yet long it had been in his mind.
From the beginning of him to a time when
He recalled a future that’s kind.

“When tomorrow comes wanting and tries to stay.
Backstroke as fast as you can.
You may repel the dark intruder away.
And live in the present ‘my man’.”

He started flapping his arms like he was crazed
And I’m sure that he even cursed.
He flapped even harder until he was dazed,
And suddenly his bubble burst.

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