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You are...

Open my heart through screaming bloody wrists,
Written in the flesh of your memory, this messy manipulated moment is for you
I knew it was coming, just not so soon,
Beg it back through my blurted basics.
Basically know it but just can't face it, relapse to taste it, your face leaves me wasted, pasted and plain
You're the stain on my favorite white t-shirt, that I still wear everyday
And everyone you've left me for walks by to rub it in
Sweetie, I'm still pure, Look at all the awful things you've done
I'm still not saying goodbye
Even after you've ruined this shirt with heartbreaks and acts of lust
Fishing for game and not for food, let what gives you all it has suffer until it can't swim on it's own...
Then throw it back to float away, drowned and alone.
You're the analogy I could never think of until to late to say it...
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