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"One Time at Camp....."


One Hour Before Leaving:

“I’m getting ready mom!”
His mother walked into his room.
“I just wanted to tell you that your father and I are fixing to leave. So have fun at camp and stay out of trouble.”
“Yes mother.”
She came over to him and kissed him on the cheek.
“Love you Matty.”
“Mom don’t call me that. Please.”
She just laughed and left the room.
In another room just down the hall, Justin was stuffing a shoe into a bag.
"You almost ready?"
He looked up to see his mother standing at his door.
"Yeah almost mom."
"Alright, we are fixing to leave, your brother is taking you two in his car, behave, have fun, and stay out of trouble."
"Right, got it. Luv you mom."
"I love you to."
Brian shuffled through his bags, making sure he had everything.
He looked up and saw a young red head walk into the room.
“Hey Red.”
“How long are you staying at this camp?”
“A month.”
“Oh….”, her voice trailed off. She ran her hand along the door frame.
“Babe, it won’t be so bad. We can always write. And besides, it will go by faster than you think.”
“If you say so babe.”
He walked over to her and caressed her cheek. She looked up at him and kissed him.
He pulled back and sighed, “Not too fast. We’ve only been dating for two weeks.”
“Right. Sorry……”, she looked away, not wanting him to see her cry, “I didn’t mean to cramp your style.”
She started to walk away.
She turned to look at him. One tear streaming down, cutting through the makeup that she wore.
“Just forget it. Okay Bri. Oh, and don’t expect me to be here when you get back.”
And without another word, she turned on her heels and walked away.
Sara pulled hair up into a ponytail. She sat in front of a mirror that was propped up on her dresser.
She sighed and stared at her reflection.
Her dirty blonde curls fell in a waterfall from the point where she had pulled it up with a hair tie.
She jumped, startled, “Yeah mom?”
“Almost time to go.”
“I’m ready.”
She pointed at her bags that sat on the bed.
“Good, we’ll leave in a little while.”
She smiled, and nodded.
Her mother left her room and walked down the hall.’
Sara sighed again, smiled at her reflection, and got up from her stool. She gathered up her bags and set them just outside her door way.
She straightened her shirt and closed her door, "Mom, I'm going to take so of this out to the car."
"Miss Sanford?"
Katherine turned to find the butler in her door way.
"The bags are beside the bed, you can take the red and blue bag down."
He just nodded and went to pick up some of the bags.
She finished touching up her make up and fixed her hair.
"Katherine, your putting on makeup to go to camp?"
"Yeah so?"
Her father just stifled a laugh and walked away.
She shook her head and took one last look before turning away from the mirror.
She walked over to her bed, picked up her purse and a light enough bag. She walked out of her room leaving her door open.
As she descended the steps, she called out, "Bruce, the rest of the bags are in my room. Could you get them for me?"
"Charles Williamson!"
"Are you ready yet!?"
His dad came into his room, "Let's move it. We leave in 15."
When his dad left the room he pulled on a shirt over his black one, grabbed his bags and left the room.
Kristy was looking through her closet for one last shirt.
She turned and saw her parents in the doorway.
Her mother reached out to her, Kristy stepped closer and gave her a hug.
"I'm not gonna be gone forever you guys."
"We know that but we're still going to miss you honey."
Kristy hugged her father as well.
"Our girl is all grown up Marie."
"I know John."
Kristy rolled her eyes and went to pick up one of her bags that was on the floor next to her bed.
Miranda sat on her floor, sorting out her stuff to put in her bags.
"Shoot! MOM!!"
She threw a rolled up pair of socks across the room.
"What is it hon?"
Her mom came to her door, a concerned look on her face.
"Where is my bathing suit?"
"Which one?"
"The blue two piece."
Her mom gave her a look, "How about the one piece?"
"Fine, the one piece. Do you know where it is?"
"In the laundry room sitting on top of the dryer."
"Thank you mom."
She left and went on with taking care of Miranda's little sister.
Miranda rolled her eyes and got up off of the floor. She went into the laundry room and grabbed her bathing suit off of the dryer.
Underneath it was the two piece she actually wanted.
Picking up the two piece, she went back to her room and stuffed her stuff in her bag.
Miranda, honey, Mark, Let's go!", her dad yelled from the front door.
She grabbed her bags and left her room.
Several cars pulled into the parking lot at the same time.
Rick stood in the doorway. “Here they come.”
Anne looked up from her magazine, “Alright, well, I guess that means we had better get out there and do what we are supposed to do.”
Will walked into the room. “And what would that be?”
“Our job maybe,” Beth said with a scoff. She sat by the window, a magazine in her hand.
“Oh right. Our job. Keep the animals in line and straighten them out,” James put in, tossing a baseball up in the air and catching it when it came back down.
“No,” Kate said, coming up behind him and putting her hands on his shoulders.
“No, we baby-sit them,” she kissed his cheek and hugged him.
“Right. How could I’ve so easily forgotten.”
“You know guys. We could be wrong this time. Did ya’ll ever think of that?,” Kris asked, a little annoyed with the others.
“She’s right you guys. Remember the group we had last summer?,” Tony added from his spot by the wall, feet propped up on the window sill.
They all looked around at each other.
Kris was right and they all knew it.
“We better get out there. More are showing up and parents are looking around.”
“For us probably.”
They all moved from their spots and made their way out the door.

Thus strting our little tale. To be continued!
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