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The True Origin of

The True Legend of “Frosty the Snowman”



By: Lanie Clove



The year is 1925, the mob is huge, and there are two mobs in opposition of each other. The mob in New York is run by Michael O’Donnell or as everyone calls him, Frosty for his cold exterior. Frosty runs weapons and booze, he’s very good at what he does, much to the frustration of his rival, Sonny McGregor, the mob boss of New Jersey.

            One day Frosty was out doing something you wouldn’t expect a mob boss to do and indeed Frosty’s own men as well as McGregor’s men had no idea about it. A couple of times a month, Frosty would dress up in a disguise, and go help the children at the YMCA. He was volunteering and he didn’t even recognize a new boy who, unfortunately for Frosty was the son of Sonny McGregor. Frosty was in a disguise, but Jimmy McGregor recognized his voice and always had since he had heard Frosty threaten his father once a few years before. Jimmy managed to sneak out without anyone seeing him, ran to the Jersey mob headquarters, and excitedly informed his father that Frosty volunteered at the YMCA regularly, and without any guards or weapons, making that moment ideal for taking out their rival. Sonny McGregor praised his son for discovering Frosty’s secret hobby, but he wanted to prepare some special measures for his rival that he hated with a fiery passion. He started making some calls to his men to get their under the table business and factories going. When his son objected, he turned to him with a maniacal look in his eyes, and he said “My boy, let Frosty play with his little children friends for now, we’ll get him soon, very soon.”

            Frosty had no idea that he had been discovered, so he went along just the way he had for years, passing along guns, selling his illegal liquor to bars, and the next month returning to the YMCA in his disguise. As Frosty started up the steps to the YMCA, McGregor’s men stepped out in front of him, he reached into his coat pocket for his gun, realized he didn’t have his weapon, and the goons smirked as they knocked him out.

            When Frosty came to, he was tied to a chair in an old factory on some scaffolding, over a big, steaming vat. Frosty started shouting curses, demanding McGregor to show his “Stinkin’, filthy, rotten face like a real man.” McGregor let Frosty keep shouting like that for over an hour before he made his appearance in a dramatic, bright yellow suit, with a cheerfully bright yellow fedora with s black band on it. McGregor made his way up the scaffolding and when he reached the top where Frosty was, he smiled crazily and said “Well Frosty, old chap. I decided this wouldn’t be as fun to do with you in that silly, cheap disguise and suit, so I got you one of your pure white suits with the black buttons, and the all black hat. I thought it would be…fitting.” Frosty was frozen in shock, but then he started struggling against his ropes and shouting curses with renewed vigor. Frosty screamed and as he was falling, he suddenly remembered what Sonny’s mob specialized in, and saw painted on the side of the vat: SUNBEAM ACIDS, and then he splashed in. Frosty was melted by sunbeams, but there was no magic silk hat to bring him back.

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