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"Internet Soul Mates"

I am the Author of a newly released book called "Internet Soul Mates". It is currently being sold over my web site www.deannarose.com and amazon.com. I am free for Interviews/ Reviews on the topic of placing personal ads via the Internet and/or my experiences. I have been called the "Dear Abby of Internet Dating" by many radio shows.

"Internet Soul Mates" tackles the intrigue of online dating. I answer questions with an honest, straightforward approach to help online daters find their soul mates. From start to finish, I even dive into my own first hand experiences by offering tips for writing an effective personal ad and responding to personals. I cover how to make the initial contact with someone who piques your interest, the best sites to place your ad, and the safest ways to move the new relationship to the next level.
I cover numerous suggestions regarding how to manage responses and emails,
how- to set up a web-based email account, and even how to weed through emails to find those who match or conflict with your lifestyle and personality.

Interviews include: The Computer America Show, Howard Stern radio and TV, and several other FM shows. The Internet is fast becoming the communication tool of the future! Within the Internet structure exists the capability of networking with a diverse number of individuals from around the world, both from a professional and personal level. The Internet has personally given me opportunities to direct my life in a positive direction that otherwise would have been virtually unattainable. More specifically, it has given me the opportunity to search this vast world of ours for my “soul-mate” which I have found.

My Internet dating journey began by placing two free personal ads on the Internet out of curiosity. To my surprise, I received over 10,000 quality responses within a four-week time period. I proceeded carefully to select and meet over 100 of the 10,000 responses received, and flew all over the world meeting these individuals, while at the same time receiving hundreds more responses. The opportunity of meeting quality individuals within such a short time period was a bit bewildering.

My reason for writing the book was to let others know that the Internet is not a crutch for the unsociable who can't get dates. "Internet Dating" is not a substitute for dating. It is a means of networking with others you might not have had a chance to meet otherwise in your day to day life. You are raising your standards if anything by describing exactly what you are looking for and only replying to those who fit the criteria and can back up there stories. To date, the majority of Internet surfers are educated professionals who utilize the Internet daily in their careers. Whether you meet someone in a grocery store or over the Net, one must use common sense, while trusting your intuition. My book is a step by step guide to meeting people via the Internet. Please review the book and my web site at www.deannarose.com.

If you would like to contact me for an interview please write me at:

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