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Adventure Begin

Chapter 01: A Meteor It was a beautiful morning in England. Tony, an 11 years old boy, is preparing to go to school. He's doing his regular habit. First, he took a shower, then he go to downstairs to have breakfast. His father, Mr. George, is going to work early because of his presentation. His mom, Mrs. Anne, work as a nurse in a local hospital. Tony then say goodbye to his mom,and leave the house and going to school. In the school, he hangs out with his friends, Peter,Jack,Thomas, and his best friend, Johnny. Peter said: “Hey dude, how's it going with your GF, Tina?” Tony replied: “Ah, c'mon man, stop it.” The others then laugh because of that. At 08.00 o'clock, the class is starting. They going in rush to go to class. It was history lesson at the class. Tony got bored because the lesson is just too easy for him. He then decided to just be cool and follow the lesson. While his wandering with an empty mind, he looked out of the window and saw a meteor have just crashed somewhere nearby. At the end of the day, he tell his friends that he saw a meteor crashed nearby. “Hey guys,let's check it out” said Tony. “No way man. I'm to tired because of Mr. Kevin's class today.” Jack replied.“Aw, c'mon. It will be fun!” Said Tony. “Yeah guys, it's gonna be awesome” reply Johnny, Tony's best friend. “Hmm.. Alright. We'll go to the location.” Reply Thomas. Chapter 02: The Mystic Then the gang follow the meteor trails and finally arrived at the location. They found a glowing,big,red crystal at the location. Then the gang closing to the crystal, and discover that the crystal, is almost destroyed. Suddenly, the crystal shows a holographic message. It says: “Greetings, brave mortals. We are the Elder Mystics of Zathos. Our world,Zathos is in dark hours. Our sworn enemy, Klorgbane, is spreading chaos across our world. Your mission is to defeat Klorgbane, with the power of Golden Weapon. Each of you may receive different power from us. Please help us defend our world, and destroy the evil.” Tony said to his friends: “Woah. So guys, should we take this adventure?” “Yeah! Let's beat that Klorgbane!” The others replied. The gang then transported to Zathos by a portal created by the Mystic, and transferred to Zathos. Chapter 03: The Mountain of Despair The gang finally reach their destination,Zathos. A different world full of life,nature, and Mystic. The gang meet a talented protocol droid named DC-22. He tell the gang that the Golden weapon is sealed in the Mountain of Despair. The mountain is guarded by an evil army. The leader named: The Overlord. They must defeat him by answering the riddle. Then, the gang ready to leave. They've arrived at the mountain. They meet The Overlord and accept the riddle. The riddle is: “What is the most simple weapon to defeat a riddle?” The gang are confused by the riddle. Until Tony answer the riddle: “The answer is, Imagination!” “Yes! You have past the first trial. The second trial is even harder than before. Now, you must defeat the Ancient Weapons! Juggernauts, Catapult, Robo-Bear, Cyber Tree Monster, and Undead Sorcerer!” Said The Overlord. “Guys, try using the water baloon to defeat the Robo-Bear. It could make it electrocuted by the water. And use those prank fireworks to burn the tree!” Said Tony. “I will use my baseball bat to beat the sorcerers.” Said Thomas. “Me, Peter and Jack will capture the juggernauts while Tony, you will burn the catapult.” Said Johhny“Alright! Let's roll” reply Tony. The gang easily battle the creatures with their strategy. Finally, The Overlord give them permission to get the Golden Weapons. Chapter 04: The Elemental Force The gang receive another holographic message from The Mystics. The gang now must receive the Elemental Force from each Golden Weapons in order to unite the element, and destroy Klorgbane. The gang's Golden Weapons are: Tony, The Sword of Fire. Johnny, The Spear of Lightning. Jack, The Daggers of Ice. Peter, The Gauntlet of Earth. Thomas, The Nunchaku of Wind. The gang finally know their weapons. Now they must find the Master of Element. He has been training the elemental force in the Mountain of Element. After 2 hours of ride from Overlord's dragon, the gang reach the mountain. They finally meet the Master. “Dude, I think he's like a monk. What do u think?” Said Jack. “Dude, keep it down. We're going to battle him, QUIETLY.” Said Thomas. “Greetings, Humans. I am the Master of Element. I already know what you seek. Come and face me, in order to receive the prize.” Said the Master of Element. “Oh, man he knows what r we talking about!” Said Johnny. “Alright. Let's use the different tactics. We don't know about our opponent, but this time, we must face him together. At the same time!” Said Tony. Tony then slash the Master but he easily block the attack with fire. Then comes Johnny, with his spear, but the Master is using lightning bolts on Johnny. “How do we suppose to attack him?” Said Johnny. “I know! We couldn't use our weapons because he has the weapon's power!” Said Jack. Tony replied: “Yes. And now, we face him, with OUR WEAPONS” The gang attacked the Master with pranking tools. The Master can't stand against they're pranks. He finally give the gang each of the power. Chapter 05: Klorgbane, The Chaos Master The gang are on their way to the Klorgbane's lair. They encounter many dangers in their path. They can defeat them easily. The gang suddenly ambushed by Red Raiders. The raider's leader, The Black Sun. He said: “We can do you a favor. For a prize. If we lose in a single combat, then, we will help you with your quest. If you lose, your weapons will be ours.” “Then we'll take on the battle.” Said Tony. They fought brave, but the gang seemingly can't outlast the raider's attack. Finally, they using special tactic: Ambush. They run into forest, and the raiders were chasing them. “Where are you, cowards? Come and face us!” Said Black Sun. “Ah! What's that?! It's an ambush! Fight back!” Said one of the raiders. “Attack! Charge!” Shout the gang. They fought fiercely, causing the raiders to retreat. The leader is captured. And the raiders is surrendering. “Now, let us help you defeat Klorgbane. We will help with all of our troops” said Black Sun. Finally, all of them reach the lair. Klorgbane is gaining power from the Blue Lava. “FOOLISH WARRIORS. YOU DARE TO CHALLENGE ME? THEN I'LL TAKE YOU DOWN!” Said Klorgbane. The gang blocked their attack. Black Sun was hit in the chest, making his heart burned. With his dying breath, he said to Tony: “Friend.... Avenge me... Lead my troops, to victory..!” And so on, Black Sun is dead. With anger, Tony slashes the Chaos Master with fire, causing his horn to cut off. Klorgbane hunt down Johnny, and smash him until Johnny pass out. Tony's anger is reach its final level. And he fought fiercely making the Chaos Master to be stunned. Johnny finally awake, and the gang, with the help of the raiders attacked Klorgbane, and the Golden Weapon were fusioned together, causing the weapons to became the Hyper Weapon. All of the gang hold the weapon, and fire a giant, powerful laser to Klorgbane, causing Klorgbane to weakened, and explode into million piece. The gang receive another holographic message: “Good job. You all have defeated Klorgbane and end the chaos. You have finished your mission. Now, return to your home and go to your regular life. The gang go into a portal that leads them to their own houses. The gang won't forget that adventure. THE END

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