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System Error (Modern Babbling)

Generally I like people, people are good. They seem to go with the flow of things. If each of us were alone, we would probably be naked and cold. Shivering on some tundra. With blood dripping from our mouths from eating raw meat. Scared because of the growling noises coming from the woods, and masturbating cause there would be no one to have sex with. Which is quite disturbing to my brain, and I would never like to imagine again. Collectively over time, people’s inventions and thoughts have added up to create the entire world around us, our reality. If you think Timothy Berners-Lee, a British scientist at CERN (Organisation Eurpéenne pour la Recherche Nucléaire [European Organization for Nuclear Research]), is a genius for developing the World Wide Web. Think about the person who first discovered how to manipulate fire. They probably changed the world in so many more ways for they’re time, than the internet has done for us today. In their day they were probably worshiped, but then again there were no copy rights so his huntin’ and gatherin’ buddy probably stole the idea and everyone worshiped him instead. It probably got all complicated and they never hunted, gathered, or made noises toward each other again. Complications. hmm...mmm They’re pretty complicated. I guess that’s why they’re described in such a “big” word like “complicated”. I think the word should be bigger and much more complicated in itself like-decomplexifuesed. It’s strange how a huge complex entity, the universe, works on these smaller equally complex systems. Like the food chain, the revolution of planets in a solar system, the way penis’s fit so smoothly into vaginas. It all rotates around and keeps everything flowing together. Beautiful, mathematical, religical. So what about this extreme single species overpopulation? With overpopulation comes the destruction. The terrible dark destruction of everything in its way. You know how we’re wiping out the rainforests, hunting animals to extinction, secretly testing nuclear bombs in remote dessert‘s. Does it affect these systems? In our bodies doctors call it cancer and it kills us. Cancer. People. People, cancer. Cancer, people. Cancer-people. I’m sure you have heard this comparison before, but I figured it out. We’re all cancer-people. I did a lot of research and my hypothesis is; we come from this crazy planet, Canceranus or some dumb shit. And as a species we’re supposed to destroy all other species of life and consume them, (I guess that means you like break their head off, and their energy comes out in wisps of smoke, and then you breath it in. Like in Mortal Kombat.) in order to dominate the host and feel all tough and smart. But, I'm puzzled. What kind of system is that? Where’s the harmony. It has no cycle, just point a to point b. I mean, I guess we’ll never feel the worst of it but you can only slightly wonder what the future holds. The eyes that connect, the bodies that brush up against each other (trying to cop a cheap feel), and the space in between will gradually grow smaller and smaller. Evolution will be confused, and will start cramming multiple souls into one body to make room. And our bodies will be all small and cramped and distorted. And the two people inside will always be arguing to themselves and playing mind tricks on each other, and their eyes will look all “crazy”. there won’t be enough plants to filter the air, so we’ll create big machines to do it and they’ll pollute the air even more, so we’ll have to build more big machines to filter that air. Everyone will be all mad and always yelling at each other cause we’ll have to ration out all the resources. No one will want to eat the food because it will be MSG and other chemicals made in molds and shaped like food, with corporation insignias pressed into the side (like on aspirin pills). But you know it might be different. I never seem to know what the hell I'm talking about. -end

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