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Fallen Kingdom.

----Fallen Kingdom Chapter One--

I tap on my desk and drone out the professors lecture, something about the human mind. I close my eyes and daydream of a beutiful, but very old kingdom I see hundreds of trees sizing up to 100 feet each, Then something disturbs my dream, I here the beat of an army. I open my eyes and shift my attention to outside. I stare through the plexiglass windows of the institute far below to the capitol park and see thousands and thousands of men in, leather armor? I blink a few times to make sure im not in a dream. ''Mr.Bleu?'' Professor Donte asks. I shift my attention to the professor. ''I hope you are liste--'' The professor is interupted by a large BOOM. The whole institure is shaken and frantic crys erupt from the class. ''Settle down everyone! Everyone slowly take the steps down to the Capitol park and remain calm'' He says, but their are already people running out of the classroom. I am the last one of of the room, so I close to door shut and view the hallway, hundreds of students are franticly running down the stairs. I run down the stairs, swimming through a huge crowd of students and Professors, none of which I know, since I just moved to Melborne this month. I walk out of the Institute and see that the thousands of men I saw minutes ago were standing their, with weird weapons, which I remembed were sticks, which I knew was a very vintage weapon. The students stepped back out of fear of the group, but I couldnt move. 


I knew these men.



----Fallen Kingdom Chaper Two--

I stood silenty as the men inspected me. I could here whispers from my classmates, like ''What the hell is he doing?'' and ''Who are these guys?'' A very tall and built man from the group walks right up to me. 

''Grayson Bleu..'' he says with a grin. How does he know my name? My mind raced in thirty different places before he continued. ''We are DuskGrove, the fallen kingdom'' He puts his hand out as if I will shake it. ''I am Sage, leader of DuskGrove'' he says. Then, he turns his attention to an attractive blonde haired  girl standing behind me. He motions for her to come up. He then does the same for a medium heigh african american boy. He stares at the girl first, ''Claire Dines..'' and then shifts his glanes to the boy ''David Leaf..'' he continues. ''You three are what my men ask for, the best of the best, the Chosen.'' A few men grab our shoulders, but not hard, and lead us to a weird looking vehicle, which I remember is a carridge that they used hundreds of years ago. The three of us sat down in wooden seats  as we heard the  thump of the army leave the Plaza. The man, Sage, and another man sat in the front seat of the carridge, whipping the horses to life as they road off in the distance. Suddenly, the speed began to pick up, I groaned and clutched my stomatch, then it finially stopped. ''Thank god..'' The boy named David stuttered. The five of us got out, and Me, David, and Claire all suddenly gasps, and I know, they've seen this place too. 


 It was the place from my dream.




More Coming soon! Thankyou for reading and I hope you stay tuned!

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