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249 George and Susal

These are the chronicles of a third shift desk clerk at a run down motel in any city of the USA. Once a 4-Star Motel, it has disintegrated into a state of disrepair both physically and (for the most part) those whom stay here.

Gone is the fine restaurant, closed and boarded up. Gone is the once popular lounge, also closed and boarded up. Also gone is the once proud pool with its diving board and lounge chairs. It has long since been filled in with dirt with grass planted over it.

My name is Randy and I took this job because I needed work and I had done hotel security for a number of years. I realized early on that this is a unique job and the stories, all true, may be of interest to some.

249 George and Susan
George and Susan had been staying in 249 for several weeks. George works for a temp agency, while Susan likes to drink and party most of her time away. Every morning George could be seen leaving the Motel on his bike headed for his daily assigned job.

Their breakup started yesterday morning. Kenneth checked into 266 with time off from his job and a truck load of beer. After George left for work, it didnít take Susan long to zero in on Kenneth and his load of booze.

Susan visited Kenneth, and Kenneth not knowing that Susan was attached, kept her around all day, and they drank and drank and drank. When George came home from work, Susan slipped out of Kennethís, and went back to 249. Oh, did I neglect to mention that Susan has a reputation for being a ďmeanĒ drunk?

Sure enough George became upset to find Susan drunk once again and an argument ensued. Being a mean drunk, Susan pulled an 8Ē knife and sliced George on the hand, the arm, and stabbed him in the right leg. The cuts were deep and blood was everywhere. Susan bailed out of the room and went back to Kennethís room 266, and unaware of the goings on, Kenneth let her in. Still having feelings for Susan, George refused to press charges or go to the hospital, so his friends at the Motel treated him the best they could.

The rest of the evening, and that night, was uneventful for George. However, the same cannot be said for Kenneth.

Keep in mind that no one knew where Susan went after she cut George. As far as anyone knew, she had left the property. So, when Kenneth came down to the office early the next morning and asked me to get her out of his room, I was surprised. Kenneth was scared. He said she was talking crazy, waving her knife around, and wanted to stay with him. He said that she had slept on the floor that night, that there was nothing going on between them other than drinking, and she needed to get out.

Kenneth went back to his room, and told her I said that 266 was a one party room, and that she would have to get out. To make this portion of the story short, let me just say that she got out, and moved back in with, thatís right, George. He took her back.

But that is not the end of the story!

When George got back from work he found his clothes tossed in the middle of the floor, cut into pieces, covered with mustard, mayonnaise and ketchup, and his bed layered in flour and cornmeal. By the way, Susan wasnít there, as far as we know she had left the property.

George checked out. And thatís still not the end of the story.

Sometime tonight, and somehow, Susan got back into 249. She, nor George, any longer had a key. Perhaps housekeeping didnít close the door all the way. I donít know how she got in, but she was making herself at home, and now it was my job to get her out.

Off I go to 249 to confront this crazy drunk woman and her 8Ē knife. I knocked on the door, and knocked again. There was no answer. I identified myself, opened the door with my passkey, and since the chain was on it, it only opened a few inches. With pepper spray in hand, held behind my back, I politely gave her 10-minutes to vacate the room or I was calling the police. She said OK and I left. 30-minutes later she still hadnít left so I did call the police. Officer Tesh showed up, made sure she was unarmed, and escorted her off the property.

The last I saw of Susan, she was staggering down the main street beside the motel, dragging a trash bag full of her belongings behind her. She was guilty of cutting and stabbing a man, breaking and entering a Motel room, and public drunkenness. None of which she was charged with. Shucks, when she sobers up she probably will not remember any of it, and wonder where George is.

This isnít the only time I have found myself in the middle of a domestic squabble at the Motel. I am sure it will not be the last time either. My experience tells me that this couple will be back together very soon and the cycle will begin again.
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