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I am a Pelican

I have made quite a nest
at my level of choice in my descent in life.
Iíd show you around but youíre standing on it.
Iíll show you down and man, youíre looking at it.

The earth opens up, turns inside out, and it is colorful.
Iím in with pinpoint accuracy, stretched and warped.
Itís a jungle gym of physics and mathematics down here.
The worldís top scientists would have a giggle.

Time breaks free.
It is released from clockwork and springs,
like water on the moon.
Other than a distant sound resembling a siren, it is quiet, eerily quiet.

Everyone is pushed away.
I can breathe, I can reflect.
It smells pleasant and I am not used to that.
At no sooner time could this have happened
as I am on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

Have you ever swallowed a duck whole?
My friend, a big ass snake has.
Iíve got half an ax to prove it.
Iím so much bird, my mouth is full of hollow bone and feathers.

I am a pelican.
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