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Sophie's Choice

Sophie couldn't keep her eyes off him while she was waiting for the bus. She thought he was so good looking. But as she boarded the bus she collided with him.
   'Oh, I'm sorry,' she said, blushing.
   'It's quite all right,' he answered with a smile.
   After paying her fare she made her way to the back. The lad sat near the front. She still couldn't keep her eyes off him as the bus made its way.
   As the bus approached Sophie's usual top, she went to get off. So did he. Once they were off he started talking to her.
   'Do you live round here?' he asked her.
   'The next street along. What about you?'
   'Over there,' he said, pointing to some new houses on the other side of the road. 'So what's you're name?'
   'I'm Pete.'
   'Nice to meet you, Pete,' she said with a grin.
   When they got to near where Sophie lived, they went to say their goodbyes but before they did he asked her a question.
   'Fancy coming to the cinema tonight? That new film's showing.'
   Sophie didn't know what to say. She was supposed to be going out with Helen, her sister, but there was no way she was going to turn him down. She just hoped Helen didn't mind.
   'All right,' She answered in a calm voice.
   'Pick you up at about seven?'
   'Fine,' she said. 'Oh, hang on. Before you go, there's something you should know.'
   'What?' he asked with a look of panic.
   'I live at number 27.'
   'Oh, right,' he said. Then he made his way home.
   'When Sophie got in she couldn't wait to tell her sister about her date.
   'You what?' she said after Sophie had told her. 'But you're supposed to be coming out with me!'
   'We can go tomorrow night. Oh, Helen, don't spoil it for us.'
   'Helen sighed. 'OK, we can go tomorrow night. What's his name, anyway?'
   'Where's he live?'
You know those new houses on the other side of the park?'
   'In one of them.'
   'Hasn't just moved there by any chance?'
   'Yeah, why?'
   'If its the Pete I'm thinking of, he's already got a girlfriend.'
   'Sure he has. How would you know anyway?' Sophie said, wondering if    Helen was just saying it to get back at her because she was going out with Pete and not her.
   'Honest. Her name's Claire and she works on the same shift as me.'
   There was no way Sophie was going on that date now. So she decided to go with Helen as originally planned.
   The next morning as Sophie got ready for work, all she could think about was Pete. She hoped she didn't have to run into him at the bus stop on her way home; but that's exactly what did happen.
   'Where were you last night?' Pete asked after approaching her.'
   'Get lost and leave me alone,' she said to him before getting on the bus that had just pulled in.
   Once they were on the bus Pete sat next to her, but was she talking? When she got off at the usual stop he followed her.
   'Get lost, Pete. Leave me alone!'
   'Why, what have I done?'
   'You mean, you don't know?'
   'No, I don't.'
   'Does the name Claire mean anything to you?'
   'Who told you about her?'
   'My sister. She and Claire work together.'
   'Your sister should have told you that me and Claire split up month's ago.'
   'You're lyin'.'
   'No, Im not.'
   Something seemed to tell her that he was telling the truth.
   'OK, I believe you,' she said to him, before going to walk away, not really knowing what to do.
   He soon shouted after her. 'So fancy the cinema tonight then?'
Sophie turned round, hesitated, then said, 'Yeah, OK .' Then she carried on towards home. The first thing she was going to do when she got there was to tell her sister what she really thought about her after she had lied to her about Pete.

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