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What Have You Been Saying?

   Abi left to make her way to school. But did she want to go? Things weren't exactly working out the way she had planned.
   'Oh, I'm fed up. Nothing seems to go right,' she said to her friend Vicky after meeting up at their usual place.
   'Life can be like that sometimes.' Vicky answered, hoping Abi wasn't going to keep on complaining. 'So come on, let's go, or we'll be late for school.'
   'That's another thing.'
   'But you like it there, don't you?'
   'No, I don't.'
   Then, to Vicky's surprise, Abi just took off, but not in the direction she was supposed to go. She headed to the park instead. Vicky had no option but to follow.
   'Sorry about that,' Abi said after she had found a bench to sit on.
   Vicky stared at her confused. 'What's this all about?'
   'Tom. He won't leave me alone.'
   'I thought you liked him?'
   'Well, I don't. He's a creep...he keeps following me.'
   'I've never noticed him following you.'
   'You're not always with me,' Abi replied, with a frown.
   Vicky finally persuaded Abi to carry on with her to school. When they got there they saw Tom by the gates, but he hurried away when he saw them approaching.
   'What did I tell you?' Abi said after he'd gone.
   When break time came, Vicky searched around for Tom. She wanted to sort this out once and for all. But after confronting him she was surprised at what she had been told. So that night she had an idea after Abi called to ask her if she fancied going into town. Abi waited in the lounge while Vicky went to get ready. But just before getting ready she made a phone call.
  'Where do you fancy going, then?' Abi asked as they waited at the stop to catch the bus into town.
   'The coffee bar for a start.'
   So that's where they headed once the bus had dropped them in town.
   When they got inside they ordered some drinks, then sat chatting - until someone they both knew walked in.
   'All right, Girls?' he said as he pulled out a chair to sit on.
   'What do you want?' Abi asked him.
   'We are going on a date, aren't we?'
   'Are we?' Abi replied with delight?'
   'Oh, sorry, ' Tom answered, 'I didn't mean with you. I meant with Vicky. I asked her out at break time and she accepted.'
   'Well, if you're going out with her, why have I been dragged along?'
   'So as I could ask you why you've been saying that I've been following you and that I wouldn't leave you alone, when it happens to be the other way round. It's you who has been bothering me; ever since I told you that I only wanted us to be friends. Come on, Vicky, let's go to the cinema. The film starts soon.'
   'What about me?' Abi cried in disbelief.
   'Well, if you hurry you'll be able to catch the next bus home, won't you?.' Vicky answered as she and Tom started to make their way.

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