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The Blue Thunder

The first day of school was really cold, beacuse I did not adjust yet.
Later we did this color code thing; I became a white. We went to teams
and my teacher told us to think of a team name. We decided on The Blue
Our teacher told us to make up a motto. But we could not make one up.
The people who made up the flag came to help us. We made up, Be Like Us
Every day Try Having Us Near Desending Every Year.
A group of students, consisting mainly of girls, made up a cheer.
I didn't help with any of it. It was a bubbley cheer full of energy and
pep. Alot of thought and spirit went into it. Then we finally made one up.
The flag looked cool! Two lightning bolts hit a T that sat on top of a
mountain. I didn't help very much on that either. Then we coverd it.
Our Teacher then told us to put it on a posterboard, so we could present
it to all the seventh graders. then we all said "We're The Blue Thunder!"
Everyone started to laugh at us when we did the cheer. I tried to have fun
making up team. It was!
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