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A Mans,enter ,mind.

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My touch on the fabrick of reality.,
has gone right out the window,with you people you know it I can't even,
talk about "the", to myself.
In a casual state Of cause, you want,
to bring on the satisfaction of your day.
Driving nails has never been my strong suit,
Of the not mentioning the twist in whitch,
I wish only for the moment,
then back away in this way you dance.,

Well sometimes maybe,but more,
Like a runt I stand at your preasance,
Because I feel the comfort of,
Eternity with a slash of cherry and full of sassy.,
Direct in the most forward nature".
If it dont slap me in the face, I come".
running I wont deny,Accept walking Is a direction,
With motion in action.
With the slow to speed vision of a faster,
afterglow dim lights of fine times,
just guiding its,self. Temperture never altered without a helper.
"Come on now, you Cured to Accept the on come,
But, Forward notion's,
are out of the questiones,
accept it what's it got With me tyme, statements.
I wouldnt, want to change type statements.,
mist in the air and gentle reaction's! For you alone is the direction holder, now" away away.

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