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Golden Christmas Memories


My Father would always get a twinkle in is eyes at this time of year. He loved

Christmas. First he would say is you have to have Christmas lights and have

to be all the colours of the rainbow. So he and my older brother would go and check

each light to make sure they would light up the night sky. After the lights were up

he would finish off with Santa. Each year there were more lights more colour.

Next was getting Mum the perfect gift and of course she had given him hints

all year long as to what she wanted and he always listened. He would get her what

she wanted and so much more. He would always take me with him to shop and I treasure

these memories of our together time. I was always daddy's litle girl. He always took

time to play with me and teach me games to play. He taught me to throw a baseball

and not to throw like a girl. Which I am. So we would go through the list and

giggle together as we pictured Mum's face when she opened the extra gifts we

had found for her. Everyone needs suprises in their lives he would say every year.

Once we had all, we would head home and sneak the gifts into my bedroom, Mum never

seemed to see all the packages we came in with. I had the special job of wrapping

the gifts he gave her. I have always believed the greatest gift he could ever give

her was the joy she saw in his eyes when he would humbly give her each gift from his heart.

The Night before Christmas was the night we put up the tree, now that was an experence.

We would roll back the carpet and bring in the tree and it was always bigger then the year before.

Dad would bring out the many decorations from many generations before. As he took out

each one he would tell me their history. First would go the many strings of lights, then the garlands

and all the decorations. Mum would watch us closely, because she said everything had

it's place and she would rearrange them many times. We would add many strings of tinsel

at one time as she would add one at a time. When the tree was finished and lite up I always

had this feeling of satisfaction, I can still feel when I remember those nights.

Then we would have Christmas Eve guests to see all our hard work and Dad would

brag about the tree and food that Mum and I had made. I can still see my dad and his younger brother

laughing and telling stories of Christmas past. The night would be filled with love and family.

What I wouldn't give to feel that love and joy again. Good Night My family may peace be with

you I can hear echo back to me. As dad wished all a good night. He would tell me to quickly

go to sleep so Santa would come. As a good light girl I tried so hard to sleep

I would wake up very early and quietly tip toe to see the tree and all it's bounty. I have recently

lost my older brother and have a very special memory of him. Each Christmas morning

I would bring our stockings to his room and we would spend the morning together

opening them. Then from outside his bedroom door we would hear Ho Ho Santa is here.

My brother and I would rush to the tree to see if our gifts, but mostly to be with our parents.

I can feel and hear each golden memory of these Christmas past and will forever see

them in my heart. We would spend the day together just being a family.

Since them I have lost both my Father and brother. This is the first Christmas I

will not be taking my stocking to him to share my Christmas candy with. I know he is always

near and is with dad. They are watching over us and saying Merry Christmas my family

love you always and know we have never left you but are always in your heart.

Treasure every moment together for a moment can give you a lifetime of

Golden Memories.


December 8, 2005