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The Fear Of The Bunny Rabbit

The Fear Of The Bunnny Rabbit

It was a dark and scary night.When my friend and I and our weird pretend friend named Bob were roasting marshmellows by the fire.Then we saw it the pink fluffy bunny it had reabies and a crew,it was giant as big as a big guy about 7 feet tall.Then it snuck in to it's hole that ment it was going to chase us I know because I read it in a book.I yelled run but my friends were already running so I decieded to join.I could see the bunny gainning on usn so I yelled run faster but before I new it the bunny had bitten me and took me to it's lare.When I woke up I saw the bunny paccing the floor with a cigar in his mouth. Ahhh finally you have awoke I have a few questions to ask you.1. What were you doing at Forest 7 last night?I was camping,the bunny marked down something on his clip board.
2.What were you doing with that fire last night?Having a marshmellow roast.Again the bunny marked something on his clip board.And last but not least the third question why were you telling secret stories to each other?It was a spookey story people tell them when they go on camp outs.Ahhh just like the others said o.k it is o.k for the meeting of death.WHAT DO YOU MEAN MEETING OF DEATH?It's where you die no big deal.The bunny hoped out of the room,I thought to my self "I am to young to die"But I just sat there all chaged up.It was finally time for the meeting so I got unchaged an went into the car/bunny car and said to the guard and said I guess I have to die and the guard said hey kid just pretend to beat me up and run.O.k o.k. So I kicked the guard and ran as fast as I could I ran straight home and told my parents and they did not belive me.So that's Why I am afraid of bunnys.

The End
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